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Thread: I never posted an intro... my bad!

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    Default I never posted an intro... my bad!

    My name is J, and I live in the Jacksonville Florida area. 28 year old male, with a physical disability that leaves me wheelchair bound and very weak, but not incontinent (which I think it great ).

    I discovered my interest in diapers when I was around 5, when I noticed a box tucked under my bed. Some type of disposable, but the smell and the textures were euphoric. As a special needs student, I was also exposed to diapers in the school setting, but just incidentally (a closet door left cracked, the tops being just exposed on other incontinent kids, etc.). Nothing wild like many of the stories I often come across. I was potty trained at a normal time (so I was told) around 2 and half to 3.

    My disability is severe, so I cannot diaper myself, but I've been able to wear on a few occasions. As I gained more independence with age, I was able to go out with people and hang out, but not people I was so close with that they could help me use the bathroom. My care taker wanted me to have these opportunities, and didn't mind the diapers as long as I was okay with it. I was always careful to use the proper amount of shameful/defeated facial expressions, so my secret was always safe. Never been big on forcing this interest on anyone, but besides catheters, I didn't really have any other choice besides dehydration and holding it. Hard to do for 12 hours.

    I -think- I'd describe myself as AB-lite. I don't wish for the baby life, but I enjoy the pampering (no pun intended) when I'm feeling blue. A pacifier and a few stuffed animals round out my babyish collection, and I doubt I'll ever go beyond that unless I end up with a similarly interested partner.

    No horror stories, or anything else particularly interesting. I've only told one friend, and she was really cool with it, and kind of understood. She still uses a pacifier and thumb sucks. I bought her a nice modded Nuk 5 as a gift once and she loved it Seemed to want to try the diaper thing once, but back out, and I didn't mind. She's very supportive though.

    Thanks for welcoming me!!

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    BabyJ, awesome introduction! Welcome to ADISC. Hope to hear you post around. Beyond diapers, what other interests do you have? Do you still have a caretaker? Do you live independently? Just curious.

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    Welcome to the site. I'm sorry to hear of your medical problems. Life can deal out heavy loads to individuals. My wife gets around in her electric cart and she does home dialysis. I am her dialysis partner. We take each day for what it is, and try to find some enjoyment in it. It's all you can do. I wish you well. Hopefully this site will give you some new friends. It's always interesting, and we discuss a lot of different subjects. Enjoy.

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    Yes, I still have a care-taker. Not quite as nice of a situation though. But it is adequate, and I'm very grateful.

    Other interests are just about anything with batteries or buttons. Big gadget geek. I like blogging, volunteering, and the NFL is my second religion.

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