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Thread: How do you buy online without anybody knowing.

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    Question How do you buy online without anybody knowing.

    So, here's the gist of it, I want to buy a T-shirt onesie and make sure that my parents don't find out. I know exactly when to order, but I want to know if there's a website that delivers to Canada within a week time.

    Please help.

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    Use Babykins. They r in vancouver and have lots of good stuff.

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    I was already planning to buy at babykins, but will they deliver within a weeks time and are they discreet enough so that if my parents happen to be there when the package arrives they won't suspect it's an AB/DL product

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    Check if it's sent discreetly, it should say on the site. And Pay via Paypal if you can, it's really secure and reliable. If you buy a normal shirt too, then just say you ordered that online because it wasn't available at a store. That's what I did and it worked for me ^^

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    I got free samples, Molicare sent me 4 packs of two nappies per pack. I got it sent to mu Post Office saying C/o (town) Post Office, C/o being care of. So send it care of your local post office, i then rode my bike up to the Post Office, received the unexpectedly large package from Molicare and just managed to stuff in my small bag, then found a large tin box that had aquarium stuff in, which i emptied and put them in there with stuff over them!

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    I don't know about canda - but most places have something like a pick up location where you can have parcels and stuff sent to and you go and pick it up there...
    kind of like a P.O. Box but run by some company... usually the fees are minimal.

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