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Thread: Wanted: Artist for project collabaration.

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    Default Wanted: Artist for project collabaration.

    I'm looking for someone who would like to help me with a story I'm writing for this site. The person in question must be good at the visual arts; handy with pencil, paints, water colours, I don't care. I'd be happy with some simple pencil sketches.

    I want to have some illustrations for this story, as it's going to be a rather nice story (in my opinion). You don't get anything in return other than credit, so it's basicaly volunteering your time and effort to something that will likely be seen by about 20 people. For now. I intend to publish the story on my own website maybe in the future sometime, and maybe on other DL sites.

    Yes, the story is *BDL related.

    The artist doesn't have to be especialy good, just better than me.

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    I'm good at visual art like drawings, but it depends on what you want me to draw, I'm better at drawing at certain things, so yea but I can show you some of my drawing so you can see if you like them or not.

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    The style I'm looking for is kind of an old fairy tale book sort of thing, if you catch my drift.

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