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    Default Hi everyone!

    My name is JB, i'm french, I am a DL, and a painter, Curious about this site I came to catch a glance... I am used to visiting Abkingdom and Warp my mind, great sites... This one seem very good too, i saw very interesting posts and was positively surprised about the respect people had to eachother. Well, see you soon.

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    You are perceptive to pick up on our culture. Bien fait. We have many posts and threads that could easily come from any diaper forum, and they don't fully convey the nature of the sites they may be found in: diaper reviews, diapers in the news, fursuiting and diapers, all sorts. Just like a particular part might be common to two cars of very different character, even different makes.

    Moo has built not only a site about diapers and the people who wear them but a site imbued with a rich vein of sheer niceness, one broadly welcoming and genuinely able to leave people happier once they have spend time here.

    There are some things we don't provide because those things are outside our purview. Diaper porn, information related to hardcore adult roleplay, and generally things not suitable for minors. Other sites provide those things: and I want to say I think those are all GOOD THINGS, just not things we should have here. Just as we are not very well geared up to arrange live meetups; for that Daily Diapers is the best "main site" I know of, other than local meet sites which cater to a specific geographic location.

    One day we must sit down, you and I, tete a tete and you can tell me all about ABkingdom, what it's like, what it's good or bad at, its culture. Sure I can go to non-English-As-A-Primary language sites and agonizingly and clumsily translate posts; but that tells me squat about the local culture, the tenor of the site, who it is as an entity, the same way eating at McDonalds in France tells me nothing about French culture, other than that you can get McWine. (McVin?)

    We have a Quebecois lion in chat if you feel the urge or the need to express yourself au naturel. (giggle) Il se trouve la, presque toujours.
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    You're on ABK? I actually used to be a member of it's sister site TBKingdom (before it went kaput - it's really a shame it went down, as far as I know the niche for a francophone, teen friendly *BDL support site has yet to be filled), that place helped me quite a bit in getting over the whole "hating myself for being an *BDL" phase.

    Being polite is one of the three golden rules here (along with "be honest" and "be mature") as, being mainly a support site we're quite intend on keeping the tone of discussion civil (as much as possible, anyway). I hope you'll enjoy yourself here


    Edit: I would also like to point out that, while we have a small (I mean this literally) Quebecois lionceau that goes by OliLion in IRC, there is also a Acadian/Quebecois puppy that goes by the name of Near that lurks said chatroom

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    thank you very much for welcoming me like this! I think I will enjoy staying here, these ideas and values you talked about are fully mine... respect, honesty, seeking for truth from my part is the only thing to do. i'm afraid i'm not this good in English, at least not as good as i'd like to, i surely won't be able to write down my ideas clearly...anyway, Abkingdom is a great site, and as you said it helped me to be less ashamed with my diaper fetish... I joined this site 10 years ago! I m a painter and i planed to do serious illustrations or comics about abdl things... thank you again my friends and if you have any questions about french language, I'm your man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebejibe View Post
    i'm afraid i'm not this good in English, at least not as good as i'd like to, i surely won't be able to write down my ideas clearly...
    I've seen worse spelling and grammar from actual English people (which is worrying)! So you're fine in that department.

    Anywho welcome to the site, I hope you like it here. And please don't cut off your ear!

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    Thank you about my english writing, Lol! I'm quite crazy, but not as much as Van Gogh...

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