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Thread: Oil, powder, lotion, sudocreme... What the hell do I actually DO with this stuff?!

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    Default Oil, powder, lotion, sudocreme... What the hell do I actually DO with this stuff?!

    Seriously. I have no actual clue.

    When should I use lotion? When should I use oil? What's the difference between any of them?

    I'm really tempted to just sprinkle everything with powder afterwards, regardless of what I've used. Good idea or bad idea?

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    Creams and lotions are very important and can really help if you become irritated through nappy rash.

    A really good starting point is to understand what causes you irritation. You may find that you can't wear a wet diaper for too long before you get irritated. Personal hygiene is very important, as urine decposes you get alkaline ammonia based compounds which can really irritate the skin. Every time you take off a wet diaper have a good wash, you may find that soap with lots of chemicals can also dry out your skin so try using Johnson's baby soap.

    If you do find that you get irritated Sudocreme can be very effective at clearing up any rash. hydrocortisone cream (such as Canisten) can be very good but you should not use it for too long.

    As for the others.

    Talc - can be quite effective after a wash to absorb any mositure

    Baby oil - I find this can be quite good in a bath, especially if you have been wearing for a long time

    If you do find you suffer from a 'nappy rash' or other irritation for more than a couple of days I would really suggest you go and see a nurse.

    I hope this is of some help.

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    i'd give the talc a miss, if i were you: not only is it a nest of germs and irritants, it's basically just dirt. as Melanie said, "oh, white could be beautiful, but, mostly, it's not."
    the other odds and sods are about providing a barrier (barrier cream/vaseline) against urine, poo and germs (it also makes it easier to clean up as the gunk doesn't stick the the skin) and for moisturizing the skin after washing [with soap or suchlike].
    personally, i've found barrier cream to be a hinderance to absorbancy in disposables.
    and, i use my own homemade ointment, with and without nappies; it does all the jobs i want it to do and costs pittance.

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