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    This week I'm ordering diapers online for the first time. I have some questions; How do the Cushies compare to Abena's in thickness & absorbency? What website is the most discreet? How do the transactions appear on the bank statement? Which websites have provided the bst service? Which websites provide the worst service? Are there any adult diapers more thick than the Abena? Have the stores in your areas stopped carrying anything but the adult style pull ups?

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    Cushies << Abena

    XPMedical or b4ns afaik for discreteness.

    Usually appear under the parent trading company - but a Google will probably reveal the source...

    Again, XPMedical or b4ns from what I've read on here. ABU have a fairly bad rep, though they are getting better again.

    Dry 24/7 are meant to be thickest, though new Fabine Exclusive on ABU are getting good press for thickness/absorbency.

    I'm in the UK, and most stores only sell pull-ups...

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    eeyore, I have noticed that stores in the US are now starting to move away from traditional adult diapers and switching to pull ups. This to me is depressing as I really prefer the tape design. This just makes it better to shop online.

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    People aren't buying Cushies for the absorbancy, although having been given one, it seems to me like all the complaints about their poor capacity and fit are a bit overblown. Better than Depends but certainly less than any of the major contenders (Molicare, Abena, Secure X-Plus/Bambino, or Dry 24/7). Of those, I think Dry 24/7 feels the thickest to me but I often find that when they get that thick, the padding may not survive long enough to get fully soaked (it clumps up). I wouldn't discourage you from trying any of the above since at the high end, there's really no telling which you will ultimately prefer.

    On the service subject, XP Medical seems to have a pretty good reputation and my experience with them was solid as well. AB Universe had a number of complaints about service and delivery in the past as well as some skeevy practices on forums (like ours) but I haven't heard any recent complaints. Shipping and billing discretion seems the rule with these companies, particularly if they're ABDL aware.

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    I have used bambino and xp medical and both of my purchases came in very discreet plain brown box. the bambino came under the bottom half group while the xp medical came out as xp medical in my bank statement. both gave me great service and my xp order came surprisingly fast. i have dry 24/7 and omg that thing gets huge. I have also tried abena and while that gets big i feel that the dry24/7 gets thicker.

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    Abena is definitely WAY better than Cushies. I love em

    They'll hold 3300 mL, or about 4 wettings

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    Cool. Thanks. I realy want to try cushies, but since my older sister currently lives with my wife & I, so discretion is VERY key. I can't risk anything being sent to the house that would even suggest that either of us have ordered diapers.

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    I got free samples, Molicare sent me 4 packs of two nappies per pack. I got it sent to mu Post Office saying C/o (town) Post Office, C/o being care of. So send it care of your local post office, i then rode my bike up to the Post Office, received the unexpectedly large package from Molicare and just managed to stuff in my small bag, then found a large tin box that had aquarium stuff in, which i emptied and put them in there with stuff over them!

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    90% of sites send in a white post pack with only a return address, eg If not deliver within x days return to PO Box 123 Melbourne, WA etc.

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