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Thread: vacuum dry diaper - high tech reusable based on stock disposable

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    It seems like an interesting idea, but it also seems a lot less practical than regular diapers...

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    That's a really cool diaper. But for multiple uses, I would still choose cloth diapers.

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    I hate it. who would want to have tubes cumming out of their diaper. pretty much keeps you unable to move around.

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    Saw this a few days ago, interesting concept. It's definitely not going to take the place of a more traditional diaper, likely the application would be for use as a catheter replacement without the risk of bladder infection.

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    This is a fascinating concept. But yeah. I do agree with Pamperchu. Who would want tubes coming out of their diaper with that kind of a device in the diaper? or is this to be used when the diaper is off the user?

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    That sounds like a good idea for people who are in hospital/bed bound or have low mobility, but seems less practical for people on the move.

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    Seems abosoutly pointless with catheters, and all that other stuff that's existed for years. That all achieve the same effect without having the person in a diaper.

    If there's anything worse then being in a diaper or using a cath. It's likely being in both at once, which this seems to amount to.

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