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Thread: how to order a free sample from attends

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    Default how to order a free sample from attends

    I can't find the form on their site for a free sample.. Can anybody tell me how to get to it? And do they ship discreetly?

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    It might of been closed by the company. Shipping costs have only been getting higher anyways.

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    Call attends and ask for a sample. I did and recieved 2M and 2L Confidence diapers as well as 2M and 2L attends w waistband. I specifically asked for these sizes and types. They don't charge for shipping in Canada. The diapers came in a brown box w a return address of attends

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    if your lucky, you can get some free samples of abena, with a little searching. just gotta know what your looking for. also be determined and convincing. no one is going to send to someone with bad spelling asking in an odd or unprofessional manner.

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