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Thread: Diapered during special occasions?

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    Default Diapered during special occasions?

    I was reading another thread when this thought popped into my mind. Would you wear, or have you ever worn, a diaper to a major event or special occasion in your life? Like your graduation ceremony, wedding, or other special day.

    If you have: How did you feel about it? Do you regret it? Do you embrace the thought?

    If not: Would you? Why or why not?

    Personally, I have this awkward sense of remorse/regret for having started off my 21st birthday by waking up in a diaper. Some days, I look back on it and smile or laugh having done something a little crazy and truly "memorable" for the occasion. Other days, I feel as though I've died a little on the inside for having tainted the day with my fetish. On the day that should've been remembered as the last big step into adult-hood, I'll always be remember it as a day I did the exact opposite by waking up in my ABU Cushies.

    I'm not proud of it, but I don't dwell on it either. So has anyone else done something similar for such an occasion?

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    I dont diapers into any memorable occasion or big event like that. Personally this fetish isnt something im proud of and while i wonder what it would be like to go and do something like that I know that It could go wrong.

    I really dont engage in wearing diapers or anything unless im in the privacy of my own home with as few people home as possible.

    I guess an exeption would be when running to the store (for more diapers...?) or something where I might have one on then. But thats only happened like once or twice anyway so

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    I haven't ever worn to a major milestone or a memorable occasion or event. I wouldn't because I feel like if I were ever to be caught, that would absolutely ruin the whole day. I've only worn outside of my house once and that was to a band concert. I was wearing sweat pants and didn't even think about it, I just left the house. I realized after I got there of course, but other than that, I've never ever worn outside of my home.

    So, I just wouldn't. It's a cool idea to me, but I wouldn't because the risks outweigh the benefits.

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    The idea has always excited me, but never worked up the nerve to do it!

    As like others have said, I have way too much to risk losing and no interest in "coming out" at all, so just not worth the risk. Also I don't like the idea of "forcing" my interests on non-consenting people.

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    I've never done it and don't really want to. I have no issue with wearing outside and such, just I guess I'd want to separate the ab/dl stuff from a major/special moment. Besides I've gone longer then a day without wearing =P.

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    I wore a diaper to my high school graduation and senior prom. Other than that not really.
    There were no feelings to it really it was just to big a hassle to take them off at the time and both were occasions where I was totally dry.
    (my IC refers to bedwetting and when I am really stressed so I don't have to wear all the time)
    I don't understand why people are so freaked out by wearing diapers in public. I mean its essentially underwear in which you can pee. What is so weird? And if someone does notice they are typically to nervous or embarrassed to say anything to you. They will generally just assume its for medical reasons and leave you alone. However, out of consideration for others you should be as discreet as possible. But that does not mean we should be ashamed.

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    i did the same thing as you when I turned 20 recently. I believe that it was a good feeling waking up in a diaper on my birthday, especially becaue 20 is a milestone in the ab/dl world. I say that because I think that when i turned 20 I dropped the TB title and now use AB because i am no longer a teenager. unlike the op I am proud to say that I embrace my little side.

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    There always seems to be a sense of holy than thou atitudes on these threads, where one person asks a reasonable question and all the "this is a fetish people" jump on board claiming how it is wrong to wear outside and tha it would ruin x or y if court, ok if your scared to wear out thats fine but for many its more then a fetish , as one other poster claimed its just like wearing underwear and so if people choose thats up to them,

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    I'm IC and wear 24/7, so wearing in public and special occasions is routine for me, I don't really think about. To diapers are just like underwear. It just so happens you can go to the restroom in them. No one around you knows you wearing and most don't care.

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    I think I have but I'm having trouble remembering which occasions. Definitely not to my wedding... I wasn't out to my wife at that point. I'm fairly certain that I've worn to a job interview before and I have on my first day in a new job on 2 occasions. I think why I'm having trouble remembering is because when I've done it, it was a very insignificant part of an otherwise significant day. Didn't taint it at all. But then again, I don't really feel too ashamed of who I am. I'm pretty accepting of my AB/DL side and have no desire to be rid of it. It's a significant part of my identity.

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