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    Default Wondering if these could be members of ADISC

    My family moved to a city called La Puente, CA, in 1955 when I was 7. I went to a school called Fairgrove Elementary & Jr. High school. In 2nd grade, one of my classmates was a boy that everyone called "Stinky" (I always felt bad for him when the other kids would made fun of him, because I had a disability also). He wore baggy pants, and would have a smell about him sometimes. He would leave the classroom once-in-awhile, and return later. I didn't think about it until years later, but I am sure that he had to wear some kind of diaper to school because of some medical problem. That is why he had a smell and would leave to be changed. I only saw him for the 2nd grade, he was not in my 3rd grade class, nor did I ever see him again. I don't remember his real name, so I can't do a search for him.

    I am just curious if he could be a member of ADISC or some other incon. group? It would be neat to find him again.

    Also, we lived on a street called, Gilwood, in La Puente, and our next door neighbors had 3 boys. The oldest was a year younger then me, the middle was 4, and the baby was 2. The oldest boy and I would play together, and his 4 y/o brother would be with us alot of the time. About a third of the time I saw the 4 y/o, he would be wearing just a cloth diaper, no plastic pants, just the diaper. Because he didn't wear it all the time, and with no plastic pants over the diaper, I am sure that it must of been some kind of punishment for him, not because he had a problem with wetting his pants, because I never saw the diaper wet. But he didn't seem to be at all embarrassed about the diaper when he wore it. I was very much into diapers at this time, so I was always thrilled when I would see him in the diaper.

    I am just wondering if having his mother diaper him at 4 years old, and having to wear it outside around us may have caused him to become a DL and could be a member of this site? He would be around 60 now.

    It would be great to find him again also.

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    I think there is a possibility you may find them - but only if they happen to stumble across this thread. Other than that, odds are very low I'm afraid!

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    I can remember seeing kids wearing just a cloth diaper and no plastic pants. I think plastic pants, especially in the summer, contributed to diaper rash and so parents often left them off. Remember that little kids wet a lot less then we as adults, so I'm thinking that parents would try to change them as seen as they wet. Like you, I have also wondered about this, and that's what I've come up with. I could be wrong.

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