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Thread: What happens when you smoke, wear nappies and is placed into an oxygen rich enviroment

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    Default What happens when you smoke, wear nappies and is placed into an oxygen rich enviroment

    I saw this video on youtube while looking at Dr. Bunhead video clips. I have no idea why they included the nappy. But, they tend to to weird stuff like that.

    diaper science fire oxygen

    YouTube - Brainiac - Dr. Bunhead collection 1 <-- it is only for the first clip really. However, the lamp prank sounds interesting, but looks dangerous.

    YouTube - Brainiac - Wii <-- Changing the smell and colour of your wee.

    I did bump into another random video about how some one claimed on brainiac that used nappies are good source of moisturiser.

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    Dr Bunhead is a God!!!

    I remember an episode where they tested what kind of underwear was more flammable and they found diapers were one of the less flammable "Underwear".

    About the Video, never wear a diaper if you are in a place full of pure oxygen or smoke a cigarette,

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    Note to self- do not wear when smoking in a oxygen rich enviroment. Ouch...

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    I haven't seen brainiac in a long time, it was on sat. for awhile and then just went away.

    That was always a very interesting and funny show, I miss it.

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    Hmm, another show G4 (Comcast) took off the line up and replaced it with "Cops" and "Cheaters". Its not a big deal since I prefer Mythbusters more. But yeah it sucks G4 does not have it anymore.

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    Brainc <3

    I prefur Richard Hammond than Vic Reeves.

    Vic Reeves I think goes a bit nutty.

    I'm also glad that I don't smoke.

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    I used to watch it the Richard Branson took Sky away.

    I really enjoyed those clips, they are surreal - which is what I like.

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    Wow, I've never even heard of this show, but that's great haha.

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