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Thread: Dry 24/7 plastic VS Attends plastic

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    Default Dry 24/7 plastic VS Attends plastic

    Anyday now I am expecting my Dry 24/7 diapers. I'm so excited. Leaving work tonight I was really craving. I came home and put on an Attends w waistband. I have always loved the plastic on Attends, even though quality has gone downhill I still love how smooth and crinkly they are.

    My question is are the Dry 24/7 diapers as soft and noisey at the attends? If they are then I will have the best of both worlds, thick and crinkly. Please give me your thoughts and opinions.

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    Some of my favorites and on hand are Kendall Lil Supreme - absorbant and crinkly smooth plastic
    Bambino Bianco - super absorbant, soft not so smooth and not excessively crinkly
    Attends - discribed in first thread
    Attends from Europe-sweet diaper esp Special Care, soft super absorb and crinkly
    Abena M4 soft smooth super absorbant
    Just giving you a broader picture of what I already have tried
    I love the look of the Dry24/7

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    No one has any imput???

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    Dry 24/7's arrived today. I have found my new favorite. No waistband in the back though. No biggy. Not as crinkly as Attends but still a decient amount of noise. Plastic is kinda growing on me. Not as smooth as Attends but soft after it fluffs out. I'm diggin them.
    Tks to all who responded

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    No waistband in the back? The Mediums I got from XP Medical had them in the front and back I could swear.

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