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Thread: Sexual attraction

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    Default Sexual attraction

    Just wondering how many people here well...get off to wearing diapers and/or the thought of wearing them?

    I know it seems a lot of people use them for comfort but I haven't heard many say its a sexual fetish though.

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    Since I hit puberty nappies have became a sexual tool either as a additional accessory to sexin' or by themselves, infact the realization that I hit pubery was thanks to nappies. The sexual side to infantilism is much more poignant than pink wabbits and candy rainbows comfort side in my case. I used to be ashamed of this, but now not so much, I just stopped caring.

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    At first it was a sexual feeling just diapering up, but as I went along it calmed down, now I only get off wearing a diaper once and a while.

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    Diapers themselves can still be a turn-on for me... but they aren't always... just when I am in the right mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    I'm asexual and I can only fap to this. So yeah.
    yeah. in a nutshell.

    sexuality isn't the only reason i wear diapers. and there's not really anything sexual for me about pacifiers and plushies and sleepers and all the rest of the AB paraphenalia. but obviously the sexual side of things is a pretty big part of it since i have no attraction to people at all; only diapers.

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    Firstly for me is it sexual. It has always been for years. After that it is a comfort thing.

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    It's sexual for me...I used to get off on just putting them on, but I can control myself more now...I kind of wish they weren't a sexual thing though, so I could enjoy them more

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