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    Anyone ever have an issue with the leg opening of your onesie coming up over the waistline of your jeans?

    I was in a store the other day and had this happen. I had on a dark blue T-shirt onesie (no prints) and my pants sagged a little low (not intentional), and my onesie a little high. Probably from grabbing something off a high shelf. My diaper wasn't showing, but a little skin.
    I got a funny look from a woman. I can only wonder what she was thinking.

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    This has happened to me a few times. The only time it possibly mattered was when I was lounging about on the sofa at home and my housemate came home earlier than expected. I didn't realise my pyjama top had ridden up and my pyjama trousers ridden down, leaving a gap between them. As I had a onesie on I thought I was safe and my nappy covered so made no efforts to check i was covered up, until after about 10 minutes of having a conversation with her I realised that the leg opening of my onesie was above my pyjama trousers' waistband and there was an inch or two of diaper plastic showing. I have no idea whether she noticed anything, she didn't mention it but I have a feeling she may know about this side of me and just not like to bring it up...

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