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Thread: Hi everybody :D

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    Default Hi everybody :D

    Hey you guys,

    I am Shadow Fox, Sparky for friends which I hope to make here.
    Obviously I am a Diaperfur, and that's the only reason I am on Adisc.
    If you wanna know more about me go read my About me page
    I like Badminton,Gaming,Multimedia stuff and such. And of course
    Diapers and furries.
    I hope I'll be making some friends on this forum and that
    I will have a good time here.


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    Welcome aboard, Shadow!

    Good company and good friends are never hard to find on here, and if you want someone to talk to for making go away the bad thoughts you mention in your "about me" page, ADISC is for sure one of the best places you could find.

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    Thanks for the pep-talk I can feel it working .
    About your private message, I cannot answer because of my rank.
    You actually googled me , +20 respect man .
    The 'popular guy' you are talking about is actually me. But I got scratched
    from that TV series. Someone took my place, I am actually glad he did, the
    storyline made my character gay. That would not have helped my social life.
    As it already is a ****.
    Google images, the first two, that would be me.
    Glad to see a community that actually answers on Welcome/greeting posts
    most of the gaming forums I joined (I know totally different subject ) Just didn't
    bother saying hello.

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    Here on Adisc introduction threads are serious business!

    Shame on me for not having remembered that newly-joined members have limited access to PM functions, anyway I think you'll shortly get rid of the issue.

    Yup, I actually googled you I know, I'm curious!

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    I like you

    ---------- Post added at 19:59 ---------- Previous post was at 19:59 ----------

    Looks like nobody is really interested in me but you

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    Wilkommen to the site, if you don't mind me prodding (since you mentioned it :P) what games are you into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote_Howl View Post
    Wilkommen to the site, if you don't mind me prodding (since you mentioned it :P) what games are you into?
    Sorry for late reply, all Shooters, RPG, Hack and slash,... well about everything. as long as the graphics are'nt too bad and the gameplay is good.

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