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Thread: Adult sippy cup

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    Default Adult sippy cup

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

    The Camelbak. I bought one primarily for use in my martial arts classes, so I wouldn't have to buy bottled water. But then I found that I was drinking from it constantly every day, filling and refilling occasionally, consuming 4-5L which is about twice the recommended amount.

    And I did this because, unconsciously, I thought of it as a sippy cup.

    It holds 0.75L of water, three times the capacity of a typical baby bottle, and some are constructed from stainless steel, and keeps liquids cooler longer. The straw can be locked and unlocked, so that even if you threw it around nothing would spill. You can do both with only your thumb, with a little practice. And, of course, the only way to drink from it is sucking through the straw.

    But by far the best feature of the Camelbak, Nalgene, and other sports bottles is that nobody will ever give you a funny look for carrying one around. I don't think this is an entirely revolutionary concept, but it is most certainly a useful idea for the AB who has an oral fixation and is embarrassed easily in public, with the added bonus of making drinking water easier and tastier and healthier.

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    thanks for the thought, i'll be reminded to look for this gem next time i go to a sporting goods store

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    those are super great. I take one with me to class every day and it is really a fun feeling to drinking out of. the mouth piece makes me feel like i am sucking on a bottle only designed for adults. it works well in bed too, I like to be able to drink some water then just drop it and not have to worry about spilling any on my sheets. it really feels like a bottle then. they are made in child sizes also that have cute prints on them. but that also means they are smaller and don't hold as much water.

    unfortunately I just lost mine on the side of a mountain. i sat down at the top of a hike and set it behind me so it wouldent roll down the hill but whn i got up it was behind me and I just walked away not realizing until we got back in my car and i asked my friend for it out of his backpack to realize it didn't make it back in.

    another note on the camel back water bottle. Do not use it to drink mojitos. the mint leafs get stuck in the plastic nipple part.

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    I have a camelbak backpack with a 2 liter bladder
    It has the same mouth piece but it connected to the bladder in your backpack by a large straw. For me, using a camelbak is the only way to carry the two liters of water required for a long hike.

    And yes, it is fun to drink out of.

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    and you can put beer in adult one, which is not recommanded for children ;-) ... child are not what they use to be :p

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    The Cammelbak bottle IS very nice and I have wanted one for awhile because they are cool period. I never really made the connection they kind of resemble a sippy cup. The only downfall is that they are too expensive for my taste!

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    I bought one of these last night at Target, and I love it. I kid you not, I showed it to my friend today, and she asked me how to drink out of it. I showed her, and she said it was like a baby bottle. I laughed, then felt a little weird drinking out of it while with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coboy View Post
    another note on the camel back water bottle. Do not use it to drink mojitos. the mint leafs get stuck in the plastic nipple part.
    Haha... this is information that is applicable for me. I adore mojitos.

    I've only recently become aware of this camelbak thing. I was at a festival/concert a couple of weeks ago and noticed several people drinking through a straw connected to their back. My first thought was the still suit from Dune.

    I'll have to pick up one of the back pack versions. Sounds like a good idea on hiking trips / runs.

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    I'm totally going to have to get one or two of these. My wife is still skeevie about the baby bottles and sippy cups we have running about the house, for fear of someone finding them and asking questions. (I've rehearsed the lines with her - she's a photog, and a client wanted to do some AB photos, but left the paraphernalia here - doesn't seem to alleviate her concerns)

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