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Thread: Got over my fear of buying babyish/childish stuff

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    Default Got over my fear of buying babyish/childish stuff

    Today I went with my family to this large yard sale all over town, and we split up to go to different yard sales. I love Alice in Wonderland, and I love childish cups with huge straws, so I bought this:

    Not too babyish, but rather childish and cute. I think this is a good start to buying more childish and babyish stuff in the future. It was weird though, for months I was scared, then today I just somehow got over it.

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    Good for you in conquering your fear of buying things you enjoy! And the thing is, many non-AB adults, especially women, look at such things as cute collectables and wouldn't suspect someone buying as being babyish in any way themself. It's not that much out of the ordinary for an adult to want to buy cute childish items.

    Yard sales are great places to pick up baby or children's items, sometimes even nice vintage baby gear items. Happy future yard sale hunting!


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    When I first started to buy babyish/childish things at stores like ASDA it felt like that every one was watching you but now i have built up by confidence and don't care if people look at me or what i am buying.

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