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    okay so im going to a friends house who lives in idaho, i want to wear diapers there, i also have to take a plane, the main problem is that i live 6 miles away from any walgreens or pharmacys, all i have is a bike for traveling, i do have a summer phy ed thats within a mile from a walgreens. im thinking about riding my bike to the phyed and then picking up a pack of walgreens brand diapers. but if anyone has any better suggestions please help.

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    Does your friend know you wear? Because as you're travelling to another state, I assume you'll be with your friend for more than a day or two - where you won't have a secret hiding place, or any easy way to change...

    Imo, it's probably not worth the risk unless they know and encourage it, or you have medical problems.

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    i do plan on doing it anyways, but by the way anyone know if the airport security like opens your bags, and goes completely through your stuff, because my mom is going to go as far as possible with me, and i heard that she can go with me up to security.

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    she can go up to security but not through it. they probably wont open it up until after.

    why do you want to do this again?

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    i really cant wear them around my house, strict parents, and i think it would be a bit thrill to wear them outside of my home.

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    Look, I might not be giving you the answer you want, but I'd say don't do it, especially if your friend doesn't know you wear. It's too much of a hassle, and with your mom coming with you through security, it just seems like there's a lot of signs saying you'll get caught, and from what you've said, getting caught doesn't sound pretty.

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    Does anyone Know that you wear? If not I wouldn't do it. Getting caught is not fun even though you get a thrill out of wearing in the open. Besides it will ruin your whole trip right from the start if you get caught and your friend might not want you wearing at his house.

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    yeah i guess you guys are right i probly shouldn't wear them to his house, but i still cant help wondering about it. lol

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    As for airport security. Parents can go with you up to the start of the security line. you need a boarding pass to get into line.. so even if security looks through your bag, she wont be standing beside you to see..
    I dont want to feel like i am being the big desenting voice against the common advice here.. but if you want to wear on the plane, then go ahead, take some with you in your carry on, and put one on in the washroom after going through security, or just wear (but that would give more chance of your mom noticing).. no one in the security station is going to blink an eye at finding a diaper or two in your carry on. It may not be a 'common' thing, but it's also not uncommon. Its not metal, and not a weapon, and that's all they are looking for.
    when you get off the plane, if you want to be safe, dump it in the washroom before you leave the security area to meet your friend. That entire time between security points, you will be alone, so enjoy it.

    (I say all of the above being an adult who occasionally wears in public, to work, etc.. no one knows, notices, or cares. eventually in your life, you have to learn it's ok to do things that make you happy, and be ok with that, regardless of what others think.. you aren't hurting anyone, not breaking any laws, and really aren't doing anything wrong.)

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