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  • 24/7

    29 15.51%
  • Most Days (4-6 Times per week)

    40 21.39%
  • Weekly (1-3 Times per week)

    70 37.43%
  • Monthly (1-3 Times per month)

    26 13.90%
  • Quarterly (1-3 Times per 3 months)

    15 8.02%
  • Yearly (1-3 Times per year)

    2 1.07%
  • Less Frequently than Yearly

    5 2.67%
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Thread: How often do you wear?

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    Default How often do you wear?

    Reading the forums it seems very clear to me that there is a wide variation amongst us as to how often we choose or are able to wear diapers. As a result i thought that it would be interesting to run a poll to see how often everyone wears diapers.

    As an additional aspect of this it might make for some interesting stats to see what your ideal frequency of wearing diapers would be and, if applicable, why you are not currently able to wear this often.

    In terms of ideal frequency, try and be realistic and come up with a figure that would be possible. Think along the lines of "if limiting factors x,y and z were removed then I would wear x times a week" and not "in my fantasy world...". Try and take into account everyday life and the downsides of going 24/7 etc.

    For me I currently wear around once or twice a week. I am currently at Uni living on my own so circumstances are quire favourable to wearing diapers, the only difficulty being sourcing them. In terms of my ideal situation, I would probably wear more often if it were easier and cheaper to get hold of good diapers but don't think I would wear more often than every other day with occasional periods of 24/7 if the mood took me.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Since I live alone, I generally wear most evenings, overnight, and all throughout the weekend, if I'm not going anywhere. That's about as much as I want to wear. I tried going 24/7 for a couple of weeks, but it took some of the fun out of it. So I suppose you could say that I wear about as much as I want to.

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    I wear a couple of times a week, at best, but often go a week or two without. This is not exactly my choice.

    I have my own place, my own car and a job, so getting things isn't a problem. The problem is my boyfriend.

    Since introducing him to this side of me - which he has accepted, I hasten to add - it seems he thinks it disloyal if I engage in it alone, thus I have to either wait for his interest to pique, or pester him - neither of which are fair or correct, I'm sure you'll agree.

    The way my Uni timetable is at the minute, I could easily wear more often, especially every night for bed, but no - I'm not allowed.


    Dan x

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    I wear a few times a week. Mostly to bed. If I have had a stressful day or am really sleepy. I still have accidents sometimes, mostly bedwetting... I am way more likely to have an accident when I am overly tierd. or if I am stressed.

    I wear during the day mostly when I am turned on.... :0 Sometimes I have accidents when I am not diapered up and then I wish I wore more often. I hate changing my sheets in the middle of the night....

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    due to being IC, i have to wear 24/7 which is rather annoying but it hasn't diminsed my love for them

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    I like TemujinRain, have to wear 24/7 because I am incontinent. If I wasn't, I probably would still wear 24/7. Since I was in love with them before I became incontinent learning how to live with them 24/7 wasn't to hard for me. Reason for that is I am an adult that doesn't have to worry about being teased.

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    Sometimes ill go on binges and wear more then once a week, but thats really rare

    Most of the time however i wear at most once a week, with skipping weeks in between so I put monthly

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    Since I have limited funds for supplies, I wear about once or twice a month.

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    I voted weekly. But it really varies depending on real life issues, work and/or friends.
    It just depends on my mood at the time.
    I did have a period when I did the whole binge/purge thing, but now itīs more like a binge/abstain.
    No point to waste money

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    Since my wife is accepting of my desire to wear, I wear my diapers and plastic pants to bed 4 to 5 times a week. I pee in my diapers while lying in bed, but I never seem to wet while I'm actually sleeping. I almost never wear during the day as I also love being an adult male.

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