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Thread: Diaper Stuffers

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    Default Diaper Stuffers

    Has anyone ever used a stuffer such as a pad or a baby diaper?

    I used a Pampers in a Depends pullup once, and it seemed to work well. The Pampers were a bit narrow, but all in all, it did increase absorbancy.

    Sorry it's a short post...

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    yeah I've used pampers in adult diapers as well, they can really boost the absorbancy level of a diaper!

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    Yea, I used huggies, and pampers , and I use tena guards, they work great as long as you put alot of holes in the back plastic on the gurads, the others I just put on and cut them with a knife just break thru the outer layer.

    I like the baby diapers but they don't hold much but make a good stuffer slowing down the urine to go in the outer diaper.

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    If you use a size 6/7 diaper with a Depend pull-up it works pretty well...but if you don't...its leak central.

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    Tearing off the wings of a Goodnite and using that as a stuffer works marvelously.

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    THe stuffer/diaper doubler that I have found to be the cheapest and most effective is the Depends boost insert. I have found that they increase the absorbancy and make the diaper thicker. You also can add more than one if you wish. You can buy them at most drug stores and the Walmart by me sells them also. Hope you found this informative.

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    when i found out the hard way that i couldn't fit into a pampers size 7 i put one inside a depends overnight diaper. Worked great!! Got three wettings in before i had some plumbing issues...

    any cheap diaper works great as an insert!

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    I used to use Humanicare Briefmates and Huggies size 6. The bulk was blissful when they were folded over.

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    The only thing I used as a stuffer was before I could get actual diapers that fit me, I would on occasion get baby diapers and wear them inside my briefs(underwear not diaper), because they were too small to tape on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Disciple View Post
    Tearing off the wings of a Goodnite and using that as a stuffer works marvelously.
    Mmm, this is the one stuffer I have tried and it works alright. As I'm sure you all (hopefully) know, Goodnites don't have a great capacity and they tend to leak. Perfect for a stuffer, considering you don't actually want the stuffer to retain your output. Although, be a little careful though, I found that if not setup right, your diapers will actually become more prone to leaking - having your urine flood the stuff and then just leaking out the sides from that.

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