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Thread: Re-introduction from TBDL's nerdiest ninja

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    Default Re-introduction from TBDL's nerdiest ninja

    Well for those of you that are new / don't know me, I'm Dan and I've been here since around September of 2006. Not much to say I guess... let's see... I'm really into Linux and PHP/MySQL programming and am in my junior year of high school. Been a TB since around age 6, and discovered infantilism (as in, discovered the name and facts about the condition) about 3 months before I joined this board. As far as the infantilist side goes I mostly do diapers and that's it, though a footed sleeper sounds fun.

    Anyways great to be back, I'm always available when you need an odd snippet of code written, though probably not this week 'cuz I gotta deal with midterms. >_>


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    And you also stepped into the breach with temporary forums during our recent non-forum unpleasantness- thanks so much for that!

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    Welcome back, again :P

    and yeah, round of applause to you for keeping the TBDL's happy for the last week and a bit. You really stepped up, and did a great job.

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    *bows to the über-geek*

    Welcome to the temporarily replacement of the temporary forums. And as Trevor kindly pointed out: Thanks for helping us out


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    Hey Danny! Nice to see you again...even though you're no longer a mod. Hope to see you around the forums!

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    I too will reiterate my thanks to you for stepping into the breach with the distress forum. It was good for my health to be able to talk with my fellows and keep up with our misadventure.

    thank you thank you thank you

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    Welcome back.It seems a lot of people become tbs (though they don't realize it at the time) at around the age of 6.I know I did.Well hope you have a great time on the forums and make lots of new friends


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    Welcome back to our community! I hope to see you aroud some!

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