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    Default Greetings to abdls

    I have been or wanted to be a abdl for as long as I can remember. thanks to the internet, I found that I am not alone. Although I cannot be diapered as much as I would like, I enough it when ever I can. I live the San Francisco area. After all these years, I still havfe not gotten together with fellow abdls. I want to make friends but many of my emails goes unanswered.

    Not much to say but you all stay dry or wet, whichever you prefer.


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    Hey there, welcome to the site!

    I hope you can make many friends on here - in time, you might be able to make it to a meet in public That said, primarily we are an online support community, so don't expect to meet up with everyone on here

    What hobbies do you have? Favourite film?

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    Hi. I love San Fransisco ( a little envious). Like Eeyore said, tell us more about your other interests so we can get to know you. Also, why can't you wear very often? Room mate? Spouse?

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    We are a very shy lot, even with each other. We spend years hiding and protecting our secret, embarrassed about it and afraid of what people might say. As to live meeting, that is fraught with all kinds of risk, and is not to be undertaaken lightly. I have had good and bad experiences with it. It is a very good idea to know who you are meeting ahead of time and as well as possible; plan for things that typically go wrong like trains running late. And know what you plan to do when you meet: nothing involving exposed padding is safest.

    If it is worth meeting other abdl's it is worth doing well.

    Be patient, and not seeming too eager. Here's another couple of tips: Adisc is not the only site where you can get to know people. Some other sites are better equipped for making live meetings happen, or other sorts of contact like group skype convos. Adisc is in my opinion the most honest site out there, the safest and the most transparent; and the one moderated most thoroughly and to the highest standard. I think Adisc achieves its mandate of being a support site better than the alternatives, in large part because many other diaper sites have fuzzier mandates: they seem to me communities for the sake of being communities.

    I DO NOT say Adisc is a "Better" site any more than a Corvette is better than a Suburban or than a Focus. They are designed to do different jobs; and one of the things DD does better than Adisc is enabling meetups. It still isn't as good at this as a dedicated, specialized local (State-wide, provincial or city) meetup site.

    Adult oriented sites serve their communities in ways Adisc can't serve its own, by being freer about some kinds of security standards and by having relaxed standards for interaction: they have less stringently enforced rules and less negative feedback over one's language; L33t is more common; walls of text simply don't get read. They aren't as supportive to their members either as a policy or with it built into their architecture, their DNA. That's not to say they are unsupportive; they are still communities riddled with niceness toward one another; a
    Focus will go fast but not as fast as a Corvette, and while it carries some groceries, not as much as the Suburban.

    I do want to say that it might be wise not to think so much about meeting abdl's in general but which ones will be your "type." The community or communities are very big now and growing, worldwide; Stanley Thornton has a site a link to a Polish abdl forum! Polskie Forum AB-TB/DL - which we can add to French, German, and Swedish speaking ones.

    So the world is not only your oyster but shucking tools to get inside oysters have improved mightily. I can point to over 50,000 abdl's of different stripes secreted in various places. I suggest you work on locating exactly which ones you want contact with, work on those, and winnow down that list to the ones you stand to gain most from meeting live.

    I would put some serious effort into having a healthy presence on a few sites, say 3 or 4, and participate fully and well... Remember real reputation isn't measured in rep points or karma points but in actually being liked and trusted. As people get to know you they'll vouch for you with their friends; and soon you'll be swamped with contacts.

    I repeat though, Adisc is not built to efficiently enable rl contact. Half the people here you would have to wait years before they are of age; Adisc has many of the shyest of the shy in our world - not the richest vein to mine.

    Off you go - and good luck. Say good things about us on your travels, if you have good things to say, and come back and tell us all about the greater abdl world out there.
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