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    Hello everyone,
    My name is John/Joanne and I am a small player in the ageplay community. I moved out of state a few months ago and have not done much for finding a scene here so I am online. I generally top in a hetero scenario, but everybody needs a vacation sometimes. As always, it is hard to find a good "Mommy" IRL, but I have been surprised how good "Dads" are. Having fun with tracking through here.

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    was I the only one trying to read the Mod thread about posting going, "What argument, huh, I'm just a little stinker."

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    Hi there, welcome to the site!

    I hope you find our community most hospitable! That said, we are primarily a support site, so don't take your primary reason on here to be finding a carer...

    Also, I'm not entirely sure what being "top in a hetero scenario" has to do with anything - we have a mix of straight and LGBT on here - and being AB/DL does not really have anything to do with sexuality.

    Just to get to know you better, what sort of films do you like? Favourite tv?

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    You know we are not a site geared up for making meetings happen and especially not for dating or other "adult" kinds of hooking up?

    Sites better equipped for that include Diaperspace, Fetlife, Daily Diapers, RUPadded

    Adiscers sometimes meet (individually or group-wise) when they know each other well, and are known to the community as being safe and sane. But we hardly know each other, and your scenario isn't really for the eyes of 12 year olds.

    This does not mean YOU are unwelcome; au contraire. Tons of people come to this site to give and to get support of all kinds: information, instructions, advice, or simply companionship, to be among others of our kind.

    Please see the stickies for this forum; they'll guide you towards the kind of content we seek.

    Please read a bunch of greetings forum threads.

    Please do stay and join in all over the place, we've many different forums.

    But as to explicit stuff of an "adult" nature or meetings of that kind, please consider the links above as more appropriate choices of site. Daily Diapers in particular has a very interesting subforum for getting in touch with people local irl.

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