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    Default Hello!

    I have been a DL for many years and have been reading posts on ADISC for a while now. I have learned a lot from the advice and support that is found in many threads and look forward to contributing in the future.

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    Excellent. Anything you haven't had answered?

    You know the routine: as an experienced reader here I bet you know exactly how to make an excellent intro post. What you might say about yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    Excellent. Anything you haven't had answered?

    You know the routine: as an experienced reader here I bet you know exactly how to make an excellent intro post. What you might say about yourself.
    Thanks for the welcome Raccoon!

    A bit more about me:
    -I just graduated from university
    -I have a physical disability
    -I enjoy police procedural/mystery novels
    -I enjoy LGBT themed movies/shows/books
    -I'm a long time computer user that prefers Macs

    As for my DL side, I don't get to wear as much as I would light due to living with family at the moment but hopefully that will change in the future when I get my own place!

    I do really enjoy these forums though. It often seems as an ABDL that I am hiding a big part of myself from everyone around me. The internet does make it all seem a bit less isolated.

    I'm kind of shy, but I don't mind answering questions if asked.
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    Great. Mind if I ask your major?

    As to LGBT themed shows Glee is the one that springs to mind; what do you think of it? I think the performance of the lead is stunning based on the two episodes I have seen. (Can we agree to ignore RuPaul's Drag Race?)

    I recommend Coronation Street too, which has a bi turned lesbian teen, her gf, at least one male teen character I can think of (who went to Canada as I recall) and one ongoing character who was written in as a novelty but got a main lead role with his own story lines. Oh and there's a M>F tg character. I love that all these roles were written with sympathy and respect: just ask the TG community what they think of Haley. They were uncomfortable at first (a bio woman plays Haley) but warmed to her.

    As another dl I can relate: I had co-dwellers and am happier though poorer since they left. I think I am lucky I like to wear occasionally and really enjoy it but don't feel driven to go 24/7. I understand not being able to get your mind off something, I have been there, but only for short spells over diapers, ones I could handle. (Girls. Well. Another story.)

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    I majored in history and political science with a bit of business thrown in too - could never really make up my mind

    I've never seen RuPaul's Drag Race, so ignore away

    I was skeptical of Glee before I watched it but have come away quite impressed. Some of the covers that they do are better than the originals which really surprised me. Their coverage of LGBT issues actually seems really good and they give the characters lots of depth with actual storylines. The Karofsky (closeted homophobic bully) storyline was my favourite but the Kurt/Blaine one was good as well.

    I think I watched Todd's coming out story on Coronation Street. It was short but good. It is actually surprising how many soaps/shows have gay characters with significant story lines these days. I watch some subtitled LGBT storylines from Europe and aside from the storylines themselves, you can actually learn quite a bit about the cultures of the various countries as well. I haven't seen the transgendered story so I'll have to see if I can track that down - thanks for the heads up!

    As for the DL side, it has always been my primary focus (even though I don't wear often) so it is definitely tough not to wear more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    (Can we agree to ignore RuPaul's Drag Race?)
    WTH I LIKED that...!?! What's wrong with it...!?!

    Anyway, hi to you, echod! Hell of a degree! I'm studying something nice and simple - advertising. Couldn't do what you have - my brain isn't capable!

    Todd's coming out was immense - a massive turning point for me personally as I could gauge my Mum's reaction to it. I was only about 14/15 then, and as a result of her eventual view, I waited another few years. It still went badly, like, but heh!

    I'm pretty sure I'm more an AB, but there is definitely an DL side there, too. I feel for you, though, that you can't wear more often...

    Dan x

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    Hi Dan - thanks for the welcome! Interesting comment about the Todd storyline. I hadn't really considered the impact of these storylines in the sense of gauging reaction of family/friends. Sorry to hear about your Mum's reaction. Personally I haven't come out to too many people about my queer or DL sides but I've been really lucky that the (very) few people I have told have generally reacted positively. It is time to tell some more people though, which definitely makes me nervous.

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    Whoa! Why is it "time to tell more people"..? I don't like the sound of that... Something like that should be treated with so much care! You should do it only when you feel ready, really! Not because you feel you ought to!

    Interesting comment from YOU in which you equate your DL side to being gay... I definitely don't see it that way, so... Interesting!

    I think, however you go about coming out, you'll meet generally positive reactions. Personally, it was ONLY my family that struggled to deal with it, but that was because they had such a personal opinion of me - such an intimate attachment - that I just turned and blew right out the water! The World is getting better and better for LGBT people - even in the five years since I came out!

    Good luck, and keep us informed!

    Dan x

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    Ru Paul's show has a truly great title. Apart from that it seems to me as though it relies on treating the participants as exotica, in a tabloidish fashion. I would not have called it sympathetic. It is pure entertainment though and if it achieves that then by that standard if it succeeds you could call it a "good" show.

    Advertising is a new and rapidly changing market; I wish you the best of luck with it Dan and I think you will do well. You might tell us what sort of advertising you want to be in; I am sure we could supply useful and interesting input.

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    Thanks for your thoughts Dan! My sexual orientation has always been rather confusing. Sometimes I consider myself gay or (possibly but less likely) bisexual but usually I am more asexual because my DL side is my primary desire. Often if I satisfy my DL side then the gay side becomes stronger, if that makes any sense. I've never really found a term that describes me perfectly which is why I tend to just use the term "queer" instead, but that term can also be problematic.

    I would like to be more open because keeping things secret is exhausting and makes it difficult to get close to people but I haven't really figured out a good way to convey that I'm not straight without describing the whole DL thing, which I obviously don't really want to make public. It's something that I've been wrestling with for awhile so I'm not really planning to do anything sudden at this point.

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