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    Default Hi adisc !

    Hi everyone on ADISC.

    This is the first time in my life I seriously joined a website with the dedication to be truly honest with/about myself. I will answer any questions asked honestly.

    The first honesty would be that i previously joined this site with another name and falsified my age (never posted anything). Donīt know why i did that really. (Was stopped by the web-site automagically powers)

    Iīm a 37 year old male who only has had ONE serious relationship in his life (aprox 3 years), which ended about when i was 21.
    I have only had four "one nite stands" since that, and they all made me feel somewhat disgusted at the "tackiness" of it.

    Some of you might guess, (yes Iīm a short guy, nickname anyone?) that Iīm not particularly a tall man.
    Iīm just 170cm (5ftī7) which perhaps donīt sound so short, but in Sweden where i live, thats the average height for WOMEN! Couple that with the fact that the most women here (95%), prefers guys to be at least 15cm (6in) taller than they, it considerably narrows the selection.
    Itīs NOT fun to see women trying all they can to avoid me when I approach them in bars/parties whathaveyounot.

    One thing Iīm happy with, is that my body have a high metabolism.
    Considering my age, I donīt have a lot of fat (63kg). I can just "pinch" some fat around my belly.
    Even though I donīt exercise much and eat/drink way too much pizza/beers

    Iīm sure some of you think, what a sad character, but I donīt truly think of myself that way (anymore).
    "Self psychology" can work wonders sometimes, although it takes time!
    But this state i have reached (where Iīm happy with myself), it isnīt quite enough.
    I will only truly be happy when i find someone who accepts me for who i am. *stares into the stars*

    Enough of this emotional drivel

    On to my hobbies, i just love riding motorcycles.
    My current "girlfriend" is a Kawasaki Versys. An alround bike that I use almost everyday.
    I usually ride it to work, but enjoy to take trips to "nowhere" when iīm free.
    I love it when i find a new rural road, twisting through forests and glades.

    Another passion of mine is reading, particularly fantasy or SciFi books.
    Every second I donīt occupy my mind with other things, I read.
    Favorite authors are, Robert Jordan, Katherine Kerr, Isaac Asimov, Peter F Hamilton, David/Leigh Eddings, Timothy Zahn and so forth.
    I think i have an excess of over 600 books in my book cases to date.

    Computers are my life i think. No Iīm not a "programer geek" although the "jocks" consider me as such
    Iīm the dude everyone ask for help at work when having computer problems
    I have several certifications from Microsoft and some from both Cisco and Novell.

    Only trouble is the they are getting quite old now. When i finished my "adult education", the IT market was DEAD, hence my career in sales.

    Anyone that has trouble with their computer, donīt hesitate to ask me. (Microsoft/network related anyway)

    And yes, I do play a lot of games on the computer too.
    The games I play most now is BFBC2, Fallout New Vegas and Civ 5.

    Iīm an alrounder i think.
    I enjoy most music but with a preference to techno, electronic and hard rock.
    The last 2 years I have almost only been listening to C64 remixes (online streaming from SlayRadio)
    The only music I really dislike, is Rap, Gangsta and such.

    Accordingly to the "cheat sheet" this is the only place i get to explain my love for diapers and such things.
    Sure, here goes :
    My first actual memory of having an interest in diapers begins when i was 8 years i think.
    I was playing "baby" with my younger brother, wearing a diaper and was reminded by my parents that i forgot my pedal car outside and i just rushed out not considering the "baby outfit" I had. My parents scolded me for it. For me it felt incredibly embarrassing and still very exciting somehow. Iīm sure itīs not the whole truth. I donīt think I will never know.
    Double standards anyone ? Itīs cute when no one but family sees it, but embarrassing when everyone sees it?

    I never thought of diapers again until i was about 14 (puberty) then it almost became an obsession of mine. Masturbation seldom took place without diapers near hand.

    I love plastic covered diapers, the thicker the better.
    Current favorite Abri-Form (stuffed with 3 other diapers)

    My profile says that Iīm not an adult baby but i do enjoy some "baby stuff" such as onsies and footed sleepers and i even occasionally enjoy having a Nuk5. Itīs very relaxing and lowers my blood pressure/heart rate.

    As for my Furry side, I donīt consider myself as a babyfur. I donīt consider myself as a baby at all. Hence the diaperfur.
    I just love the furry world. Weird thing, i am very much hetero considering "human" sex but in furry, many male images turn me on. Some one please comment on that....

    My greatest fear is to find a soul mate and have to explain all this to her, and then she would just laugh and leave me ! (kick in the crotch)

    Phweeew, that was a lot of emotions and thoughts from my mind that i have NEVER shared with anyone EVER!

    If anyone that knows me intimately and read this they will know itīs me for sure, but WTH, you only live once

    Anyone reading this far, kudos to you, live happy in diapers ;D

    (And i meant what i wrote in the intro, ANY question will be answered honestly)
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    HI ShortGuy and welcome to ADISC.

    Dont' feel too bad about your height, I'm only 5'6inches myself and I'm sure I'm not 'tall.' And as far as your relationships past, don't get down about it, for I too know what it's like to sit and wonder if 'the right one' really is out there somewhere.

    I see you've got MS training. Are you by chance familiar with their OS platforms? If so which one(s)?

    Holy crap, that's a lot of sci-fi reading material in your book case. I'm more of a Stephen King fan myself.

    It's cool if you like certain thinks like paci's and a sleeper As far as the furry/human turn-ons....I really have no idea what to say to that one so if you figure it out I hope you can share.

    Overall, great intro post. Hope to see you around

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    Many people love diapers and quite separately self-identify as furry, in a kind of over-layering. And end up as diaperfur, but not babyfur. I have trod among babyfurs, and this seems to me a state of mind quite distinct to other forms of identity, including gender, and sexual orientation. Whether or not all or only some happen to be gay, or male, there is a distinct and unmistakable "babyfurriness" in the room when one is among them; the same applies to certain flavors of geekiness in my experience too.

    I can admit to having had feelings for some online entities, for the personae they project. This has not altered my real life preference for women, but in some ways it has seemed more "pure" in that the attraction is towards the essential person, without regard to gender, race, species, or planet of origin. All sorts of people explore strange new realms in fantasy they would not go near in real life. Think upon hetero women who like yaoi; consider tentacle porn.

    Also consider fictional content - literary, audio, movies and on and on - with depicted violence and sexuality that clearly someone dreamed up but which they would not necessarily like to see or hear in real life. We who roleplay do so to experience imaginatively what reality just does not afford. You are entirely normal among these kinds of crowds.
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    Thanks for your kind replies Tripped & Raccoon.

    -> Tripped: What do you mean by OS platforms?
    I have taken the Microsoft MCSA & MCSE certificates for Windows Server 2000 and Cisco CCNA.
    Currently i manage my work place server park (Windows 2003/Citrix) when not on "the floor" making sales.
    I love Stephen King! I can also recommend Dean R Koontz.

    ->Raccoon: While i think an image of a babyfur is super cute, I canīt relate to it like the true babyfurs do.
    And just to clarify, iīm very secure in my sexuality, but I still find it a bit odd that an image of a handsome naked aroused male furry makes me go *yummy*,
    while that same image depicting an actual human makes me *shudder* (Give me an MIBG pill now)
    Heh, the human psyche never cease to amaze me, non the less my own

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    I am happy to hear a lot of positivity now you got that pent up wall of feeling out in your first post. I am especially happy about being at home with your sexuality; it's a great example for adisc's lower age range, members of which often have variance from the "norms." I have a feeling their distress is not entirely down to not fitting in with society's expectations, as heavy a trip as that may be, but with fitting in with their own expectations of themselves. What's some poor kid to make of growing up with a cute female next door neighbour, suddenly discovering she makes his little grade 7 heart go all aflutter when there was no such thing going on 6 months ago, finding he wants to go to movies with her and hold hands more than anything else in the world... and in the midst of all this starts to notice some boys have a really cute derriere?

    Let's include a diaper fixation on the side and a loss of religious faith for dessert.

    (BTW he is an amalgam. No need for any readers to " think OMG that is EXACTLY MY STORY and OMG EVERYONE WILL KNOW IT'S ME)

    The trick, I would tell him, is not whether he "IS" ("is" is in quotes for a reason) straight with homoerotic tendencies, bi, serial bi (boys today, girls tomorrow, back to boys later and a celibate holiday at the end of the month or some other flavor. It's a matter of accepting yourself as you are at the moment, and understanding who you are is real moment by moment but fluid at the same time; just the way the eye blurs the frames of a movie together but if you pause each frame stands alone. And a given frame might be scratched, out of focus (especially that,) and many frames are best dropped on the cutting room floor and never thought of again, even though they had to be filmed to create the second reel.

    Thank-you OP for implying that normal and healthy are not the same thing: and normal comes down anyway to some kind of average of multiple normal states, and this norm isn't really something anyone can or even should aim for, sort of like having 2.4 kids and 3.2 years of college. We all deviate from mythical "norms" and the trick is just to accept the hand you got dealt and play it as best you can

    As to our poor kid above, he gets a song, a very good song from 1980 by The Specials

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy View Post
    Thanks for your kind replies Tripped & Raccoon.

    -> Tripped: What do you mean by OS platforms?
    I have taken the Microsoft MCSA & MCSE certificates for Windows Server 2000 and Cisco CCNA.
    Currently i manage my work place server park (Windows 2003/Citrix) when not on "the floor" making sales.
    I love Stephen King! I can also recommend Dean R Koontz.
    Ah okay; my bad on the OS part, now I see where you're coming from on the certificates. Thanks for the clarification

    Yes. Dean Koontz is also pretty high up on my reading one of the top 3 slots Especially "Watchers" and "Phantoms"

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