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Thread: Life-long dreams, anyone got them?

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    Default Life-long dreams, anyone got them?

    Been thinking about this one. I've already gotten to live one of my life-long dreams, and very soon, I will be living another. The first dream being to go to a WrestleMania PPV and get to step on an NFL football field at WrestleMania 23.

    The second, to actually set foot on a pro-baseball field, I did that at a minor-league game at the AAA level in Columbus, OH in 1995. I even had to try out the pitcher's mound. I got to go on the field because of a concert pass after the game.

    The third, being to do a ride-along with a police department. I'll be doing that one soon enough as I am friends with some police officers in my hometown, and one of my friends is arranging it for me.

    Another dream is to write a great-American novel or sell a screenplay to a major TV network.

    Well, does anyone else have dreams like that. Or have you gotten to live your dreams. And please, let's not list TB-AB-DL-related dreams here.


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    I'd say one of my big dreams is to go to Wrestlemania, I would have gone last year but transportation problems and lack of money porhibited it. Another dream I have is to work for WWE. I just love wrestling and unforchanetly because of a medical condition I won't be able to be a wrestler but I would love to be a storyline righter, ref, or help set up the ring and stuff like that.

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    I don't really have any lifelong dreams. I know I want to graduate highschool and college one day, but that's about it. Eh... I was never really a goal setter.

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    See stonehenge and the Nazca Lines.

    Kinda lame, I wanna see them

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    Go to Japan
    Write/publish a book
    Write a song
    Write a screenplay
    Be rich/famous

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    I want to publish a novel, as well as a childrens book.
    I want to end up on the cover of a magazine.
    I want to have sex on a beach.

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    Life-long dreams...
    Write a Philosophical work, that isn't a load of crap.
    Make a film.
    Travel the world.
    Learn how to play chess well, and then go to one of those parks in America where they have outdoor chess boards and kick ass.
    Have sex in an unusual place. Not on a beach though... Too much sand!

    I've done plenty of cool stuff too:
    Achieved a black belt in Kick boxing.
    Learnt to play a few musical instruments.
    Went paragliding.
    Trained a Pokémon to level 100.

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    Good thread!
    Life's big of endevours, and it's nice to have a dream to keep you going.
    * I want to write a novel and get it published
    * Run a successful comic strip for awhile
    * Learn to play a musical intrument
    * Get better at drawing in general

    A lifelong dream came true last year, I learned to fly. But I'll keep building on that one as time goes by =).

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    Are you ready? It's long.

    *Write a novel.
    *Write a play.
    *Get published.
    *Become rich and famous.
    *Step foot on every continent.
    *Own a pet girafe.
    *Learn at least five languages.
    *Own a yacht and sail it through the Pacific islands.
    *Then sail it around the world.
    *Own a house in Thailand.
    *Win the Tour de France.
    *Move to Vancouver
    *Live in an eco-community.
    *Enter and win an Iron Man Competition.

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    I always wanted a brand new corvette, and next year may be my chance, I have a big amount of money comming from my settelment, I get a big check every 5 years, and next june will be my first big check.

    The check and my old corvette should buy me what I want, a new C-6 convertible, I'm just now waiting for priceing, and the color and options available for 2009, I ran the numbers for an 08 and it comes to about 57K. I just hope the cheap guy who lives inside of me will let me do it when the time comes.

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