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Thread: Attend sizing?

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    Default Attend sizing?

    I Have been using large Attends with Waistbands and thought I would try the newer cloth style. Many have claimed advantages to them. Well I'm a 34-35" waist, and the large are quite big on me, so I ordered the meduims. They hardly fit! They are so small, and I can't see any advantage to them, except the lack of noise. They claim much better absorbantcy than the waistband style, but ya could prove it by me! I'm goin back. see ya!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've worn both. The cloth variety is slightly smaller but more flexible
    The big advantage to the clothlike Attends is that they feel less hot and are slightly more discrete.

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    I had not noticed how flexilbe they were, just seemed way smaller than the plastic backed. I think you are right about being more discrete, as the plastic ones are the loudest I have heard. The cloth type seem very thin, and much better for being out in public. They certainly fall far short for nightime use! Thanks

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    Honker, I had the same problem with attends. I found out they make a size called regular which is between a medium and large and fit me quite well. I really don't care for the color (purple) but you have to go with what fits and doesn't leak. Hope this helps

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