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    so Ive been buying the new depends and Ive discovered that they are much more absorbent then before any body else think the same
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    NO! They have gotten nothing but WORSE! Fifteen to twenty years ago they worked better. I will say they have gotten so slim they just don't work well, but they are hidden easier. Just don't work well
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    I have tryed the pre 1991 depends and those are fun smelly but fun I just noticed that lately they dont just spill all over

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    I have been wearing depends for the last two years (the only plastic backed diaper readily available). I have had little to no leaking issues unless I had wet multiple times before changing.

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    I used depends for years single during the day, and doulbed up for night. They have just gotten so-so. They fit well, but leak way bad! You can find them anywhere is their claim to fame. Oh and don't try sleeping on your side!

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    They seem to me to be pretty much the same as they have been for the last ten years or so. I like them fine as long it's for light use. When I don't expect too much out of them they meet my minimum requirements for a diaper and it's good to have them available with other, higher capacity products.

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    depends in my experience have sucked and sucked big time. So no they are not on my buy list. I gave them many chances and yet they blew on them. I even gave them many e-mails on how to get their product lines to be better and nicer but they just flicked me off their shoulder like a fly.

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    One of my wife's friends has occasional day and night incontinence since her second pregnancy. She says that Depends are great for her during the day. She says they are as comfortable and as discreet (very thin and quiet) as underwear and absorbent enough to handle a single wetting. She can change right away during the day, so that's not a problem. She uses something more absorbent at night, though.

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    I have always used Depends as they are readily available and cheap. I can wear one of them when I will only be wearing for an hour or two. They are okay, but better I combined with a Tranquility booster. I wear premium diapers when I need more, reliable protection. I have noticed that some packages of Depends are better than others.

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