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    Default Hello Everyone!

    I would like to start off by saying Hi to everyone.

    Hmm. Where to start? I have been a diaper lover for more than 15 years now. I do not wear for medical reasons. I have a a want to to wear diapers for as long as I can remember.

    Enough of that as that story is boring most people have a lot of the same story. As for me, I love to play video games. I like RPGs mostly and have been known to play MMOs as well. This includes WoW and at one point, Final Fantasy. I also like to watch movies. I like all sorts of movies. I think that this is because my dad always had an extensive movie collection. I will watch anything from drama, comedy, action, to adventure. My other interests are music (Alternative and Indie mostly), surfing the web (mostly reading news and sports), and watching sports.

    I came to this site to meet new people. This sites seems to welcome all and does not discriminate. Too many AB/DL sites want people to hook up. I am not interested in finding a love of my life right now. Companionship is the key. I look forward to getting to know people in this community. Any questions?, just ask. See ya around!

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    Great intro, what was/is your race class in wow. I haven't played in forever but I had an 80 gnome rouge. Yay for shortness!

    I'm the crazy gundam guy lol
    Again welcome

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    LOL i just started Playing WoW a few months ago. I have a lvl 40 troll warrior. I enjoy it but do not have much time between work and school to play.

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    I don't play anymore either cuz of school and all my music stuff. It is a fun game though.

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