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Thread: Hello people on the website :)

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    Default Hello people on the website :)

    I just found this website, and it seems pretty active I'm on fetlife, which is great but the abdl community is kind of small for me, and diaperspace, which is BLEGH. But, I drop by to say hi, and would love to talk and junk

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    Hey, welcome to the site!

    Any interests outside of AB/DL? Also, just be aware a lot of members are minors, so best not to mention 18+ sites outside of the AB or Mature Topics forum!

    Anyway, hope you can make lots of friends here!

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    You understand that adisc has a different function than Fetlife and Diaperspace? We are an abdl community but not oriented toward sexual fun as is Fetlife, nor toward finding dates and playmates like D-space. We have a huge amount of content and quite literally thousands of great members. But you'll get out of Adisc what you put in, and it would be helpful to make sure you understand what Adisc is about.

    Listing your interests, and saying a bit about who you are, what sort of person really helps us to engage you in conversation and make you welcome.

    Perhaps you could describe what you are looking for and we'll point you towards it if we have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSparkyFox View Post
    Keep it simple say, WELCOME TO ADISC ^^!
    A dozen replies just saying hi! Welcome! makes someone feel noticed and welcome, true. But it doesn't do more than that.

    If a newbie demonstrates that they can be helped in understanding Adisc better off the bat then off the bat is where I like to do it.

    Lots of folks come here with a wrong idea of what the site is about, and it is to their benefit as well as the site's to steer them onto a better course.

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