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    Talking Intro post

    Hey, i'm daboy. Im a guy from the southeastern US. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. Im glad there is a community of people with the same intrest as me! hahaha!

    I go to college and enjoy hanging out, parties, computers, and travel.

    My stash-

    GN Female L/XL
    Store brand White GN L/X
    Pampers Size 6 (stuffers)
    Pampers Easy-Ups Female Size 6 (Stuffers, I like the wetness indicators, lol)
    Depend Adjustable Underwear
    Tranquility ATN Briefs

    Nice meeting yall, ttys!

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    Hey there, welcome to the site!

    What do you study at college? Where do you want to travel to? Mac or PC?

    Hope you enjoy our community!

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    Im a computer major. (Makes good money, but boring, lol!)

    I have always wanted to go to London, but I absolutely love the Bahamas.

    Mac or PC? I'd say both. I do work on my PC and play on my Mac, hahaha.

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