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    Well fuck, my house was robbed. They only got a couple things thanks to my family's big ass dog. They only went into the basement ( my dog was upstairs and his bad leg kept him up there ( or atleast this is what we think happened)) and stole my parents tv, there wedding rings, and about 500+ in change. We filled a police report and they took prints from door handles but they said there probably weren't any good prints. And I replaced the door handle with the lock built in it, on the door they used to get in with a dead bolt...... it took me over two hours to modify the door and door-frame to fit the dead lock. So I went to bed at 1:00 and woke up for work at 4:30........

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    Ouch, very sorry to hear that.

    Three of my friends recently also got robbed, within the past 3 months actually. All in common: took the PS3 and the TV. Good thing I don't have to worry about it much, since we do have cameras recording everything outside, but we always fear the robber actually might be an assailant with a gun or knife. That's what fears me most; but at least that wasn't the case with you.

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    My sympathies! Been there myself and nothing sucks like knowing some dope fiend has invaded your space and stole your stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    My sympathies! Been there myself and nothing sucks like knowing some dope fiend has invaded your space and stole your stuff.
    Who robs a house for dope? If you're going to rob a house, you probably have a much more serious addiction...

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    Being robbed is sort of like being raped. The idea that some stranger was in your house, into your things, is an invasion into your space. We've had our cars broken into several times. It's odd because the dog never barks, and she barks at everything. They must be very quiet. I'd like to catch them just once when I'm holding my baseball bat. I used to hit out to the fence in men's league.

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    luckily my sister thinks (well more like guaranty's) she knows who did. Three of her old friends who are now strung out on drugs, and they have bean robbing houses lately for drug money.......

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    Dude, that sucks. I'm sure having things taken hurts, and I hope the culprit has enough of a heart to return your things. Best wishes, though.

    Also, this is one of the many reasons why I heart dogs.

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    You have my sympathies as I do know that feeling. When my house was done, I found out my immediate next door neighbour was the culprit.

    Curious that a thief would enter a house where there is a dog inside, it would appear that he was not afraid of it. How would the thief know or be comfortable that the dog could not get to him?

    Unless the TV is a small flat screen portable I'd suggest that he had not far to walk with it, I'd further suggest that possibly he is a lone operator since only one large item was taken, unless they were disturbed by someone (don’t count on this, allow for a lookout). Your thief is lightly a local operating on home turf and with one good run under his belt, be prepared as he may come back.

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    That sucks! I've been there myself, and know how it feels to have someone break in and steal your stuff. It's usually someone you know, or someone close by that knows your routine. For me it was some meth head pieces of crap friends of my sister in law's. The CHP caught them driving around in a 5 day old stolen car, with a bunch of my stuff in the trunk. It's amazing how stupid some people are. At least I got most of my stuff back, and the names and addresses of the culprits.

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    I know what that feels like, I've had things stolen by friends. You have my sympathy and I do hope they find the theives and also your things.

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