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    I am an adult Diaper Lover. I have dabbled in being an Adult Baby. I would love to be regressed to a baby or young child. I would love to be a 3 or 4 year old mentally for a while. I consider myself to be an older teen, but i am actually in my mid twenties. I have not shared this with anyone. While living with my parents, they did discover a diaper in my laundry and we had a long discussion about it and i swore (to them) that i would never wear them again and would get help. But in all actuality i have just gotten better at hiding it. I wear them to work sometimes because i do not come in contact with a lot of people, because i work 3rd shift. I wear them while i sleep and have not yet had the pleasure of involuntarily using them at night. When wearing them at day or at work, i do pee without thought and dont really have to try to poop, it just happens. I have tried Hypnosis (WMM) with little sucsess. I feel like some changes have taken place but i'm not sure. Love reading on this site.

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    Well hello alex welcome to the site what are some of your hobbies

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    One of the few complaints I did not have as an older teen about parents was having to hide stuff; they gave their kids privacy. Honestly, you are legally old enough to father kids and be married; you can join the forces and die for your country, earn a living, own and operate a vehicle... I am appalled at even the thought of having to hide stuff at your age; Parenting: yours are doing it wrong.

    As to your bodily functions... that's getting a bit fetishy for this site - but you list yourself as straight, lesbian... and male. TG?

    We have scads of people expert in this kind of "personal identity" stuff. This would be a great thing to talk about if you are comfortable; or if we can help with issues just ask.

    I am warmed and happy at the influence Adisc has had on you; it's huge to me for a billion reasons, too, way beyond entertainment, though that's a big part of it. Thanks for letting us know it's been a positive factor in your life.

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