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Thread: Dry247 or Molicatre SuperPlus?

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    Question Dry247 or Molicatre SuperPlus?

    I was just looking at the molicare super plus's being frontpaged on abu's and thought about them vs say, a dry247. They're the same price, and both look like they're going to be the same capacity. Who's tried both can compare them?

    The 247 has a crotch that I find is just a bit over the top on width for side sleeping, it's not too comfy. For side sleeping I go with a (edit)LARGE. (which is already fairly thick) How does the moli distribute the padding? It looks like it's one of those with the teardrop shaped padding in front, with poor wing coverage, and possibly padding that falls many inches short of the top of the front...?
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    Molicare's may not be the thickest but I find they have excellent form, which seems to be what you're going for. I have not however, tried a dry247 before.

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    molicares for sure, both are kinda thick and both hold alot. But i found the molies to be a bit more comfortable.

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    I like Molicares a lot better. They fit me the best out of all those I have dried which includes Dry 24/7 and Abena X-Plus.

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    Haven't tried dry 24/7 but I absolutely loved my Molicare Super Plus sample.

    Currently if I use a real diaper it's a M3 and I'm not sure what I plan on getting next time I shop. Perhaps bambinos since I have heard so much about them and I really love the prints I have seen so far.

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    i've tried both. i prefer dry 24/7 because they're far, far more absorbent. molicares are definitely the most comfortable diaper i've ever worn, though, so if comfort is more important to you than absorbency go with molicares. another good thing about molicares is that they absorb almost instantly -- you'll hardly ever have problems with "pooling." that can be a good thing for side-sleepers, but dry 24/7s also absorb quickly and you'll probably want the extra absorbent capacity if you sleep on your side.

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    I have tried both in the size medium. Since I'm in between a small and a medium (leaning more towards the medium) I have trouble with some mediums rising super high. The dry 24/7 is super big on me, to the point of I need to order the smalls. XP medical doesn't stock the smalls, so I'm outta luck. While Molicares seems to run smaller, so the medium is a pretty good fit on me. The moicares absorb well, and they are purple! Each diaper has its distinct strong points.

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    Also, I've found that Molicare Super Pluses are cheaper than the Dry 24/7s on all the websites I've ordered from. (I've never ordered from ABU)

    I also think I prefer the Molicare for sleeping because they are more comfortable. Dry 24/7 are very thick and wide. But, if you wear 24/7 while sleeping on your side, it helps to put a pillow between your knees to keep your legs from falling asleep.

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    I love Dry24/7, and I've tried them both. I prefer the Dry 24/7's. Your best option would be to order a sample pack and see which you prefer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeter View Post
    Also, I've found that Molicare Super Pluses are cheaper than the Dry 24/7s on all the websites I've ordered from. (I've never ordered from ABU).
    Where do you get your moli's from?

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