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Thread: My artwork! Suggestions and advice wanted!

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    Default My artwork! Suggestions and advice wanted!

    Hello everyfur I have a few pics I whipped up about a month ago of my fursona (lilfur and normal-aged) that I would appreciate some advice on. I'm pretty happy with how she turned out, but I'm wondering if there could be any improvements or extra touches I could add? Thanks a lot!

    Fursona: Cosmos the Belgian Tervuren/Wolf mix.

    OH, and in case you're not sure what a Belgian Tervuren is, I added a picture as well. It's a dog breed she was based off of.


    Now, to the art!

    Concept art:

    Babyfur version with my mate:

    Another pic:

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    It's very good in my opinion. I can't draw worth beans or if I can I don't know it, because I always think my art looks like poo.

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    Very exquisite! I love your use of color, particularly the shading on the fur to give the coat its shine. My favorite of the bunch is the one with your mate, it’s very adorable.

    The arms in the front view of the Concept look a little uneven, but could easily be overlooked at first glance. The collar in the third drawing looks flat until the buckle in the center. Unless it is supposed to lay flat on the chest, depending on what material it is made out of, the sides of the collar are supposed to be standing up.

    My only suggestion is to see what you can do in a digital format, because your traditional work is brilliant.

    Very good! I hope that you continue drawing.

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    wow *wishes he had a talent stealing device* amazing i love the baby fur pic was all like aawwww so cuteeee your a great artist sooo keep it up

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    You've a good eye for composition, a good hand overall. I particularly like the digitigrade legs, you don't see these very much.
    A minor thought I had; fur is rarely completely flat, but that's usually most evident at places with sharper corners (ears, elbows, etc). You're already showing that along the tail, you might consider doing so elsewhere.

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    Really good art! ...I agree with Traemo though. The fur (in some places) Is too flat. Just my opinion

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    Very nice work! I've no complaints.

    Regardless, I love the shading. I like traditional, but I agree with one of the posters (sorry kinda busy to remember your name!) that want to see what you can do in digital form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal0ispwnd View Post
    Please tell me that wasn't the Operator symbol on the 1st fur pic...
    Nah, those are cutaways. A technique used to show detail at a specific angle without other body parts obstructing the view, such as the arm or tail. Typically, that symbol is used as a placeholder for said body part removed. It just so happens to coincidentally look like the Slendy Signal.

    Unless you were joking, then I have absolutely no sense of humor.

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    D'aww it's soo cyuute :3 I have no suggestions except just keep drawing!

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    I love it! No suggestions I can think of. Keep up the awesome work!

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