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    Default Hi der!

    Hey everyone, I'm RainbowKitten! I'm 23 yrs old, currently a college student and pizza delivery girl. I'm a pretty outgoing and cuddly person. I love to dance, cook, videogames, and generally have an awesome time. I hope we can all become friends! ^_^

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    'Ello there RainbowKitten. Just a random question: what video games do you like?

    Also, this isn't the spot for intros, but this here is:

    Greetings / Introductions

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    Hey RainbowKitten! Welcome to the site - you sound awesome already!!!

    Do you have any funny stories you've acquired from your delivery jobs? I saw a great post where someone asked Dominos to deliver the pizza as a 60 degree triangle... and they did!

    What are your favourite video games then? I'm an avid cook myself - any signature dishes?


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    One time when I was ordered a pizza, a friend of mine had a diaper on and ran behind me giggling. I felt sorry for the guy, but I thought it was hilarious. He got it from me, and he doesn't know I'm tb. He just thinks it was a joke how i acquired them. But that's just my story. I know this thread is about you RainbowKitten! I am new two and i hope you enjoy this site! Welcome!

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    I'm sorry... >.< Well there was one time a woman came to the door naked, that was quite fun. I was also asked to draw a giraffe on a pizza box. Favorite videogames... probably inFamous right now, and some yu-gi-oh games, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairbabe View Post
    I am new two
    Surely that's a type of Pokémon?

    And RainbowKitten, that sounds like it must have been a good story for back at HQ!

    I assume inFamous is from the PSN Welcome Back? UK still haven't got the store up... >.< I finished inFamous on good, but then traded it in as I cba with bad... not enough incentive for the replay vs the current trade in cost!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowKitten View Post
    I was also asked to draw a giraffe on a pizza box.
    You're joking...I once ordered a pizza and requested they draw an elephant on the box...guess I have a like-minded clone out there somewhere. Anyways, welcome to the site ^^

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    Aw thank you! It's nice to hear form so many of you

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    Haha, sorry for the usage error, and I would not really know, as i am not a pokemon fan.

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