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Thread: Need someone to talk to !

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    Default Need someone to talk to !

    Getting fustrated as I posted my 'Introduction' 30mins ago, no one has even read what I posted, is there anyone out there who are willing to talk to me ??


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    Lonely and need of attention, live out in the 'Bush', Western Australia, don't see anyone, just flies and bloody 'Roos', want to chat to someone about my developement on this, I need to know more please.

    Thanks for answering my good friend

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    It's still very early in the US and most of Europe is probably at work/school, someone will get to your into post sooner or later

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    Many thanks, I forgot the time differance, just gone 21:10 here in Australia. Hope your having a good day

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    Indeed. Most of us are more than willing to chat. But as I live in America I was asleep when you posted. And you don't want to see the crazy messed up things I say when I sleep chat. :P

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    ---------- Post added at 21:42 ---------- Previous post was at 21:41 ----------

    No brob, take care

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    Yup! We're a worldwide organization, covering all points of the globe!

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    I'm amazed and so pleased, so good to know that there's people out there who understand !

    Not lonely now
    Thank You

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