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Thread: The warm water trick (simulating incontinence)

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    Default The warm water trick (simulating incontinence)

    This thread came up in 09 so I thought id bring it back up. For those of you who are asking how to induce incontinence but not have it be permanent, I have no answer for you however the next best thing to do is this. hold your bladder until it is about to burst then fill a bucket or cup up with warm water. (obviously not so warm that you burn yourself but pretty warm) then stick one hand in slowly from the fingers up to the wrist. This should get you to start peeing without you having to push. In other words similar to incontinence in that its pretty hard to stop once you start and the water is what makes you start not the control of your bladder. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for an answer.

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    Does this acually work?

    Never herd of it

    Can someone verify?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    Does this acually work?

    Never herd of it

    Can someone verify?
    just try it rthe next time you have a diaper on and need to pee fairly bad. it only works for some people. Its kinda based based from the idea that when you get into a warm bath or shower you feel the need to pee. It works for me. Oh and im not talking about the prank where someone is asleep. It seems to work when you are awake and concious

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    This works in a sense for me. Sometimes when I'm wearing, I clam up and I can't go even though I have a full bladder. The warm water trick works every time. It's not like I just wet myself helplessly, but I get the urge.

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    Hmmm, does this really work?

    I guess it may have a similar effect as running water can have on some people, it makes them have to go, but a (temporary) loss of control?

    Maybe I'm just lucky but if I'm wearing a diaper and I have to pee it takes little to no effort to let it go.

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    Hmmmm... I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me, starting once school gets out on Thursday. I've also been meaning to test the limits and abilities of my bladder.

    I'll have to remember to drink tons of water, wear a VERY thick diaper (Abena X-Pluses! ) and make sure to get a bowl or something of very warm water. I think I'm gonna have a fun weekend!

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    Here is another trick to simulate incontinence:
    Get a bottle + good fitting cap. A PET plastic bottle is perfect. Mount a very small tube to the cap and glue it so that it will not leak. Aquarium tube is perfect for it. Also used for aquariums is a clamp to clamp off the tube. (They use it to control air flow to get the right amount of bubbles in an aquarium). Fill the bottle with water. Hang the bottle upside down above your bed (you have to be creative here!) Now clamp the tube so that just a drop per second comes out. Diaper yourself, stick the tube in and go to sleep. At night you will wake up with a soaked diaper! It is just water, but the simulation is such that -with a little pee added- it actually simulates IC.
    Give it a try. I did not yet try it myself, but as a poly-technical engineer I am certainly that this method will work ;-)
    If you find out that the drops do not come out, it is good to punch the bottom (now top) of the bottle. Air can come in, ensuring good flow. Take care not to 'over soak' yourself, since I know that bottles in the US are a lot bigger than ours in Europe ;-) Anyways... This does not harm you, it is just a harmless experiment. Have fun !

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    Mythbusters tested the warm water thing, it didn't work.

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    I have heard about this too, my wife said if you wan't someone to wet the bed when sleeping, you stick their hand in tepid water and for some reason they pee.

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    I don't know that it will cause you to lose control, but I can understand that it would make it easier to go. I certainly find it easier to relax with running water. That said, as irnub mentioned, Mythbusters busted the bedwetting version of this.

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