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Thread: Things you DON'T like (in AB/DLism)

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    Default Things you DON'T like (in AB/DLism)

    So, there are so many forums about what we do like within this AB/DL world, I thought I would ask the question; What AB/DL things DON'T you like.

    I'll begin with my dislikes/hates;

    Wet nappies: Bizzare I know! But I actually don't like the feel of a wet nappy that much - it's hot, get's kinda itchy, it smells and I really really hate it when it gets to that point where it's so wet it 'flops' around and hangs really low. Give me a dry bum any day!

    Cloth nappies: They never fit right and if you pee they instantly droop and it goes cold quickly, which leads me onto my next dislike,

    Plastic pants: Don't like 'em. Not the look, not the sound, not the feel. Nothing about plastic pants does it for me.

    Model photo's/pay sites: This is mostly a dig at paysites: most of them just do it for the money, you know they are fake and have no real interest in AB/DL-ism and they are nearly always just full of naked women posing, which they then charge rediculous amounts for!

    Poorly made clothes: This is a weird one but hear me out! I am now growing quite an extensive collection of AB clothing and the most annoying thing in the world is that you pay a hell of alot of money for poorly made items. So many times I have ordered custom things (from different people each time) sent measurements off correctly (I know it's correct because I was taught to do it by a seamstress) to have the items in question made, come back to me and then not fit at all! They will also have wonkey seams and once I bought a onesie and the popper broke the first time I used it! It just fell out! Soooo frustrating!

    So, now that I sound like a right grumpy cow , join me in getting out your grumps, peeves, annoyances, dislikes and general hates ^-^

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    Oh my gosh. I just lost my whole message. It was so typed out and stuff too!! Oh well, haha. Any who. So yeah i agree with your dislike of Cloth and the whole plastic pant thing, never was a fan either. The pay sites thing is HUGE pet-peeve for me. I really can't stand those damn things. The models stand like there trying to be all innocent in a diaper and try to "play into" what the people in our society want. Really, i mean coming from a teen boy if i want something to get me going some payed model who doesn't even know what abdl stands for it really isn't going to do anything, in fact it does the opposite. Now to add on i guess my two that weren't said go hand and hand. The "n00bz" and the treatment of woman. First off, anyone who starts a conversation with "Will you be my mommy, i haz poopy diapers" just lost all respect i might of had for them. I hate all the trolls who just want to find a mommy with out actually talking to them and use the baby talk on a forum, discuss there diaper content in a really disgusting way etc etc. Back to the treatment of woman, guys and some times other girls need to realize that theres more to finding a mommy then just saying will you be my mommy to a complete stranger. Just because the person is a girl doesn't mean they have to be your mommy. Period. :P

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    Totally agree on the pay site thing... knowing how fake they are takes any enjoyment I could get out of it.

    Love wet diapers though.. actually I love the cold clammy feeling, but being in this from a BDSM perspective discomfort and humiliation is kind of the point for me.

    Artwork theft would be high on my list of hates as well. I imagine this exists in all interests, but you see these massive photo gallery sites where people post others artwork without permission, and often go so far as to crop out names and in some cases even replace the names with their own. Stealing and reposting is low... but at least leave the credit!

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    Thing I don't like about ABDLism is the fact that there are people who come and go, people not willing to give people a chance or are in general posers or con-artists. I've yet to have contact with people who aren't after something for nothing or someone who is honest with me. That drives me nuts.

    I just have run into a lot of the bad elements of the AB world I guess, or something, I dunnknow.


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    Hmmm...I suppose mine is kind of odd considering, but it's that people automatically assume that it's a sexual thing for everyone. It's not for's a comfort/coping mechanism. It's fair to say that it is for other people.

    Other things:

    Staying in a wet diaper. I actually like them to be dry, just like a 'normal' kid. It just makes me feel icky if I keep it on too long.

    Having people be 'concerned' about me and my carrying of plush purses/backpacks. I understand it's weird...but everyone is weird about something. The actual carrying it doesn't bother me at all. I happily carrying them around, propped up on my arm like a normal plushie. I just think it gets old when everyone stares at me and voices concern to whoever is with I'm too dumb to understand what they're saying.

    I do, however, get a kick out of staring at them for a moment, then saying "It's my purse." and watch them start backpedalling what they're saying.

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    Plastic pants. The plastic irritates.



    Ditto the poorly made clothes.

    Close-up photos of diapers. Use some imagination?

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    Really, only the 'play-for-pay' angle irritates me. Like Littleabgirl said, the models will never get what it's all about.

    Wet diapers, though, I love. Wet cloth ones aren't quite as fun, but still better than being a grown-up. :P

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    Crinkling sound, it's just annoying

    Many things in the AB world that even I find very weird and/or disgusting

    Messing, I will never do it

    ...and that's about it.

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    hmm. well i agree i HATE and i mean HATE plastic pants. i hate the look the feel the noise and ohh wait did i mention the look? oh yes i did. once again i agree i hate cloth diapers never worn them so my hatred might be misplaced but i dont think ill ever try them so im gonna stick with it ( im hypocrtical with this beings i never tried it and im nocking it ). also i agree again with pay sites/models there fake and only in it for the money ( hense why im not going to waste my money on them ) and well the rest is up for debate i dont want to get on anyone elses bad side with things i hate/dislike so ima leave it there at the things you already stated

    ---------- Post added at 22:50 ---------- Previous post was at 22:46 ----------

    also the fact that everyone jumps to this is sexual, its not for all of us. ive never bought *B/DL clothing so nothing there. i dislike the clean up for messing alot, not really a huge fan of messing in the first place but sometimes

    The Crinkle- i know alot of people like it but im not a fan, specialy if your trying to conceal the diaper and you cant becouse of the noise

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    Adult wetness indicators:

    I mean, for crying out loud, if you're going to put a wetness indicator on a diaper, make it look like some cute character or shape, or a cloud so it looks like it's raining, or a face so it looks like it's crying (wait, what?). Two little lines just looks dumb. How about something that makes me say, "Oh look, my undergarments are wet. Should I marinate, or change now?

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