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    i am new to the TB/DL world i want to were diapers but i am kinda shy about buying them

    so hi everyone i glad to be here

    i may get to were diapers by the end of year

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    and i am 16 i live in the USA

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    Hey there <insert username here>, welcome to <insert forum name here>!

    It's great that you've taken the time out of your busy schedule to find us and post an introduction, we hope you have had an enjoyable experience so far! In order to help us personalise your experience, we require a bit more information about you, <insert username here>.

    When you, <insert username here>, get a spare moment, it would be most beneficial if you could read the introduction cheat sheet. It has been found that 69% of the time, it works all the time to help you, <insert username here>, to make a good impression on <insert forum name here>.

    Thank you for the time and cooperation, it is greatly appreciated. To help improve this introduction thread for later viewers, please could you answer the following questions:

    What are your favourite movies and tv shows? And what is your favourite ice cream flavour?

    Welcome again to <insert forum name here>!

    *Administering hugs in 3...2...1... hugs!*

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    i going redo my introduction because it was not that good so i redo hope this one will better

    i am 16 i new to the TB/DL world i want to where diapers but i am shy about buying them i like to watch TV play video games go to the beach and listen to music i live in NJ so i am glad to be here and hi everyone i hope to wear diapers by this end of the year

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