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Thread: 21 is awsome

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    Default 21 is awsome

    wooo hoooooo! i turned 21 today
    it dun feel much different but still none the less i have survived another year
    wish me luck and lets see if i can survive another year :P

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    Congrats. You can buy alcohol in your country, as well as many other countries now. You no longer have anything to look forward to in the coming years.

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    Happy 21st Birthday, just don't go out and do something stupid, just because you turned 21, I want to see you here for alot more birthdays.

    I'v known of alot of guys who didn't make it too far past there 21st, because they did stupid things, be safe and be happy.
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    Happy birthday!

    *gives doodle a balloon*

    It's pretty good, really, and there's still stuff to look forward to (massive drop in US car insurance rates, for one) as you get older.

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    Congratulations on your 21st birthday! You're finally old enough to be elected into parliament and get a class B license here (trucks and buses). So now that you enjoy all priviledges of adulthood, you can stop aging now

    Anyway, have fun on this day and save me some cake!


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    Happy birthday, dude. I can't wait until I turn 21. Then I can legally gamble again. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino about an hour from my house used to be 18+, but then they got vegas style slot machines(Larger payouts) and they are getting blackjack, bacarrat and roulette soon, and it became 21+. Now, if I want to gamble, I have to fly down to Nassau in The Bahamas and gamble. It's 18+ still.

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    Woooo!! Happy birthday!

    Now that you're 21 you can have that first ever sip of alcohol.

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