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    So here's the story. I recently ordered some Abenas off of Amazon and they were scheduled to come today. Fedex usually doesn't arrive until after 3pm but today they decided it would be a good idea to deliver at 1:30....not a problem right? WELL apparently my mom answered the door for the fedex man and brought the 19+lb package inside. To my surprise neither her nor my father inquired as to what was in the massive box and it looks as if I'm off the hook. I'll let ya know if I get ask but any suggestions as to what I should say if they do ask? My game plan is to say it's either a gift from/for my gf or it's for a cosplay for CTCon.

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    I ordered my airsoft gun and it weighed about 10lbs, neither of my parents questioned it either. That, and among others where they haven't questioned me on what I'm buying.

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    heh, I had the same sort of thing when I ordered plastic pants, so luckily it wasn't a huge package. I half got away with mumbling something about parts for a build I was doing, but it was hardly convincing. They'd seen the rather obvious medical supply store logo.. :P Nobody's brought it up since, so I hope they forgot about it.

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    Make sure they don't ask to see it... but basically anything non-suspicious will probably work. Cosplay is a good idea, as long as you haven't already shown them your costume!

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    So they asked what it was and figured the cosplay was the best route....barely got by with that though so I said i would Pelli have more coming....looks like I gotta spend more cash

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    I could never order in the mail with my parents...

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    Amazon also has the tendency to ship stuff in boxes WAY bigger than necessary. I know it isn't the case here as they actually received the package, but just size wise you can usually explain it away. I have gotten single books shipped in boxes large enough to contain a couple full size pillows.

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    Yeah the Abenas came in a box with no packing or anything and they were shaking all about...that was annoying. But man I don't think I'll order anytime soon, at least until I find a place using UPS like Bambino. That way I can go down the road to pick it up at the store.

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