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    Hi everyone I am think of trying to go 24/7 for one month to see what it is like and if it is something that i could do all the time. I have worked out that if i bought a huge multi pack and used 5 a day it would cost around 22. Does any body know how much a good adult diaper would cost to use for a month

    Thanks Everyone.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Generally speaking, if you change your diapers often you can get away with a less expensive diaper. I use two kinds. For times when I know that I will be unable to change my diaper for an extended period of time, I will use an Abena x-Plus (about $1.50/ea). For day-to-day wear, I use Attends (about $0.60/ea). I generally spend about $100/month in diapers because I buy in whole cases and use vendors that offer free shipping. Amazon and Walgreens generally sell a case of 72 Attends in the $39.99-$44.99 range.

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    Actually, there is a list of other costs that you should consider. The purchase price of the diapers is just one cost, although it is the most easily quantified. Others include indirect costs, like need to lug changes around, and opportunity costs, like the value you'd place of doing things you can't do in a diaper. Riding a bike is one recently discussed example.

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