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Thread: I Broke my Leg

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    Default I Broke my Leg

    Man I am a dumbass. The other day I whas watching the neighborhood Kid's doing tricks on the bikes. So I decided to git my bike and do afow tricks of my own. Nothing too big. A foo willis and bunny hops. Than I head the great idea to jump my ditch. I took off at foll speed I hate the ramp and I did not stick the landing. Lucky one of my neighbors call 911 for me. The doter said I Brock my lag in 2 places.I be in a cast for 6 weeks moor or less. Think god my home is wheelchair assessable do to my grandparents us to own it Be for thy Past away. What did I lurn frum all this I. One thing and one thing only.
    Tricks ar for kids.

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    Hey, get better soon... and be careful with the stunts... eh?

    and why a damn wheelchair? When I had a broken leg while a go I had just crutches... I would never use a wheelchair unless I have no other choice... those things freak me out for good. (or rather I associate one of my single most largest fears with those things: being paralysed, dependant on others to help me with my day-to-day-life.... that's one of my worst fears)

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    That sucks! I got hit while on my bike by an SUV that blew a red light at 40 mph. My leg was smashed into seven pieces with open fractures, so trust me, I can empathize with you!

    Yeah, the ramp will make crutching it so much nicer. Good luck, and hopefully the six weeks goes quick!

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    Thanks. the reason I have a wheelchair is it something that we had in the hows. like I saed my home us to be my grandparents so we have all kinds of handy furstad stuff.LOL my grandpa never grow any thing away. I don't us it win I'm going out just at home. these crutches harts my pit's. Xbabyx it sounds like your accident whas a lot worse thin min but I suppose the pan is just as bad. whats bad is I can't go to work like this.

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    strange english you make Sounds painful, dude. But if you ride you wear the scars with pride, right? 6 weeks ain't too bad if you broke it in two places. Next time, do stick the landing though

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    I well try to do that nacs time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt1989 View Post
    Tricks ar for kids.
    Hehe ;-)

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    I fractured my ankle a couple of years ago, I had to have an operation on it to realign the growth plate. I was in hospital for three days, a cast for six weeks, on crutches for a couple of months, and my right leg is still slightly weaker than the left.

    Have fun doing nothing for a few weeks :P

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    I broke my elbow 2 weeks ago jumping bikes. Thing is Ive been doing downhill and jumps for 10 years now and had always got away with crashing and not breaking anything (although ive lost a lot of skin!) Hope you heal soon matt, breaking a leg must be worse than an elbow and thats bad enough!
    You can at least get real good with X box

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