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Thread: Vanilla to AB relationship blog

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    Default Vanilla to AB relationship blog

    So for anyone that has read my posts I took a leap of faith and introduced my Girlfriend to ABism and after some issues she took to it like a duck to water.

    So my question is, since so many people are always posting questions about being an AB in a relationship/ opening up to their significant other should I write a blog about this?

    I am not writing a blog about something that nobody wants to read about so I would like to hear if you would read it if I put forth the effort to write it.

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    my opinion? I don't care about any of all the hundred-thousand "personal blogs" out there...
    I'm very old fashioned though when it comes to these things.
    I don't have a facebook account or am a member of any social network or so...
    I like to meet my freinds in person and talk about what's important in my and their lives.... and I don't share any private stuff outside of that circle of friends... so I would never operate a "public blog" simply because I don't see the benefit behind it.
    but that's just me.

    But you should AT LEAST TALK to your girl before you do this - make sure she's fine with you posting "private stories" on the web... and if she's fine with it (I wouldn't be in her place), take great care to leave out any detail which could anyone lead to recognizing who you guys are. Privacy is an issue.

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    I'm in the same situation, I would love to relate and read how other couples deal with these issues.

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    If you feel you have valuable information or opinions to share, put them in a blog post on here - no point starting a whole new blog for it. If you feel no one would want to read it, it's probably not worth writing.

    That said, it sounds like you will have useful advice, so write it down! If no one reads it, big deal - at least you put your thoughts out there! I recently wrote a blog about the same topic - have a look at my entry if you want some ideas on layout/compare your thoughts with mine!

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    Go for it! It's rule 56 of the internet:

    If you can think of it, and it's not on the internet, it's your duty to put it on the internet.

    However, you should keep in mind that you wont get very many steady readers on this blog. In my past AB blog experience, people only want to read about AB content that will get their rocks off. Relationships =/= hot, sweaty fap material. That said, this could be something that could benefit a lot of people.

    If your content is good, than count me in as a steady reader!

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    Oh definitely, your blog could tell lonelier ab's (like myself) how you "made your girlfriend a duck".

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    Quote Originally Posted by boch121 View Post
    Oh definitely, your blog could tell lonelier ab's (like myself) how you "made your girlfriend a duck".
    Well to be perfectly frank I didn't "make" her anything. You can't make anyone anything. The best policy is to find someone who loves you for you and open up to them by making your little side something they can have fun with too.

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    It's best to blog if you want to share your story. To hell with it if other people want to read it or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterD View Post
    It's best to blog if you want to share your story. To hell with it if other people want to read it or not.
    That's exactly the way I feel about it. Sometimes it just feels good to put something out there. I could care less if anyone reads it or not. If people want to know about it, they will read it.

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    Private, intimate details... You must decide if you will violate her privacy or if you can blog in a way that is useful and informative to the community. Don't violate her trust. Don't risk losing her by, having introduced her successfully to your happy fun practices, feeling you should crow about it.

    Wouldn't that be ironic: I got her in diapers, and was so happy about it I gloated and she stayed in diapers but left me over my bragging.

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