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Thread: More for the ladies - Menstrual Cycle

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    Default More for the ladies - Menstrual Cycle

    I'm not sure if this topic has come up yet, but I was wondering if any ladies on here have ever worn while on their period.

    Better than pads/tampons?

    If not, do you think this may be a good idea?

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    There have been topics like this in the past, but yes, I have worn while on my period. However, I just used a tampon while wearing, because otherwise it's just a huge mess, and not really that comfortable to sit in.

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    honestly, i dont mind it, i think its way easier for me because i usually have a heavy flow and i dont have to worry about ruining pairs of underwear when i sleep

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    I usually wear woman pullups during the day with half and half stress at work. I am also wear diaper at nite helps less stress during period. Wearing pad is stressful back and forth to the restroom at work.

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    My wife wears a diaper at night when she is on her period, and sometimes during the day too.

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