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Thread: The end of the Belted Undergarment

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    Default The end of the Belted Undergarment

    So a few super markets near my house have been selling discontinued items for 50% off. Apparently lots of products are never going to exist ever again. (The rapture of inanimate objects DID happen)

    One of the products I've seen at both stores were the Depends Belted Undergarments. After a bit of research, I haven't found any formal announcement of the discontinuation except for on medical supply sites.

    Would they be worth buying? They're less than ten bucks. Also, how do you feel about them disappearing? Good move by the company?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Butterfly Mage


    I only tried them once and found them to be disappointing. A belted undergarment could probably work okay for a female. However, since a male urinates through a flexible tube that can change direction, size, and width, I found that a belted undergarment didn't cover enough of the target area to be useful to a male.

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    I never liked the belted undergarments. I tried them when they first came out years ago and were being sold in sample packs which contained 2 undergarments. They just didn't feel comfortable on my body shape but for someone who has a small body type may find them a little more comfortable.

    For $10, you could also buy a pack and if you find them uncomfortable then you can always use them as a stuffer for extra protection.

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    I never liked them either. They fit too loosely, and they leak too easily. They are better for light leakage than for full-on accidents, but then if all you have is light leakage, a pad would be enough. Therefore there is no real niche for belted undergarments.

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    I was always fascinated with them as a kid from when I first saw them in a Sears catalog of all places. I've never actually tried them but they don't seem like a good idea. I have used the Abena Abri-Wing which is somewhat similar but seems to be a much better design of the same idea. Still though, not a fan even of those. This might be a bit of an odd complaint but mostly I don't like how the back doesn't full cover by butt. Feels like underwear on their way to being a wedgie.

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    I always thought the concept was a bit odd. What's the benefit of wearing one?

    They look complex, uncomfortable and lacking in coverage.

    For me, it's all about comfort. Give me something thick and cuddly any day!

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    I dont think that to many people ever get the concept of how you were supposed to use them. Essentially it is a pad with a belt, that you place inside your regular underwear, the belt making it so the pad doesn't shift around as much (in theory). Many comapanies market a "beltless undergarment" that is the same thing, but without the "belt". A belted undergarment is not much different then a incontinence pad/full underwear liner, but it seems that many people for some reason think that because there is this "belt" that they dont need to wear underwear with it. Obvious that it is a triangle shape, so if you need a pad with more absorbency/coverage, a shaped pad would be the next step up (before you get to a full pullup or diaper). A belted undergarment is no were near as good as a quality pad, a full shaped pad with leak guards tend to work really well if you dont want to wear a full diaper and are active.

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    I wear them all the time. The only thing I don't like are the wedgies and lack of absorption (of course you can add a pad for extra absorption). Other than that, they are a cheap alternative and very cool (temperature wise) alternative. If I have big pockets, I can put a spare one in, negating the need for a back pack or other bag.

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    I can get Depends fitted max for just over $10 so I don't think I would want to downgrade for considerably less performance and security. Given that fitted max aren't even THAT secure.

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    Belted Undergarments.

    They're practically Diaper Thongs.

    ...I'm sorry.

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