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Thread: Pokemon!

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    Default Pokemon!

    now i know weve seen them on the forum galleries but check out THIS creepy S%$T

    if i didnt know any better id say pokemon really existed.

    Pokemon #144: Articuno

    pokemon #25: pikachu






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    most of those lookr ealy photoshopped, or they put a bunch of makeup on an animal or something -,-... the pikachu one looks pretty neat though XD

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    Those are nice, even if obviously photoshopped. though it is probably possible to assemble a magneton.

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    my psersonal favorite would hands down be the beedrill but it looses a point because the weapons on its arms are supposed to be cone shaped, not spear points

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    My Favorite is this one and I'm surprised that no one posted it yet.

    This is the only one, I can see as a real animal.

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    lol very cute ^^ i grew up a pokemon kidd
    love the pikachu thank you for sharing them :]

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    You might like this then!!

    YouTube - MMV - Pokemon Theme

    Nice pics, I would want my own Pikachu!! I take him everywhere & let him shock people who messed with me!! **giggle**

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    prety much what they would look like if they where real. some need diffrent anamals tho. like pickichu.

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