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Thread: Techniques for hiding odor, please contribute!

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    Default Techniques for hiding odor, please contribute!

    This is my first post as a long time lurker, so Hello everyone!
    I wanted to start a thread here on diaper talk so that we could perhaps all help each other in ways to hide residual odors.
    My case is that I have graduated high school recently and now want to start using diapers in my room. I mean to mess them to the full extent of the meaning from time to time, but usually just wetting. My issue with this is that I on a pretty regular basis, just about every day, have my girlfriend over to my house, where we spend a majority of our time in my room, on the bed. I will also a couple times a week have friends over.
    My main concern with this is the smell that would be left on the carpet, wall, and bed sheets. My idea was that I could use different sheets and quilts for when I'm in a diaper mood, and make my bed with my regular sheets when I'm done. I was also thinking of spraying febreze regularly in addition to having candles burn regularly, but I'm not sure what scent would counter-act the smell of fecal matter that most.
    Aside from the smell of messing, what about the smell of baby powder? I want the baby powder smell, but want to be able to sufficiently cover it up afterwords.

    My idea for a method of disposing of dirty diapers:
    1. wear for a bit
    2. use for wetting
    3. use for messing
    4. sit in dirty diaper for up to 30min. (longer if just wet)(i don't drink soda, just water/milk/juice[not so much juice])
    5. remove diaper
    6. wipe with wet wipes in room, then put wipes in diaper
    7. roll diaper up and put into two ziplock containers
    8. throw into opaque trash bag in closet
    9. dispose of trash bag in trash on garbage days

    not sure if this is a real solid method yet though, will have to try it.
    please share your methods of odor control and how you've learned!
    thanks guy, this should be an interesting thread hopefully!

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    I don't normally mess, so I don't really have much specific advice. However, there is an article on Diaper Hygiene that may be helpful.

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    I have heard of limited success of hiding odors with the diaper genie. Other than that just get them out of house ASAP.

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    Uhm, I'd say get rid of messy diapers immediately, maybe lose them in a public trash can or something?

    As for the remaining smell, make sure your room is well ventilated and leave some windows open once you're done with the diaper.
    I think that if you keep it all in the diaper and don't leak/smear things on sheets and such you wont need seperate bed sheets etc.

    Personally I'd add step 10. take a shower to make sure it's all clean... I mean, you wouldn't want your girlfriend noticing something that crept up your back.

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    When storing used diapers, both soiled and wet, odour will only spread if the pee/poo odour molecules have chance to move convectionally through the air. Therefore, common sense dictates that you should stored your used diapers in vaccuum like conditions.
    Whenever I dispose of my diapers (I'm IC and I'm prescribed 4 diapers a day) I tend to get a heavy duty plastic bag, insert my used diaper and then squeeze ALL of the air out. From here, they either get put inside another bag with hardly any air present. This will almost certainly stop any smells.....stop science and you'll stop your smells.

    Whenever I'm changing, I always air the room before and after changing, to let the maximum amount of fresh/clean air molecules come into the room, to take the icky smells away.


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    I get the feeling wet wipes won't be enough... plus, you don't really want them hanging round in your room until garbage day - I don't know how good ziplock bags are, but I assume there will be some leakage smell wise...

    Also, lots of spray might be quite bad for your health... and if you suddenly have a room smelling nice, people will start to wonder!

    On an unrelated note, welcome to the site!

    If you get a chance, would be awesome if you read the introduction cheat sheet - really good ideas on telling us more about you in an intro post! Just we like to get to know the person *wearing* the nappy!

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    I have a window fan that I use 24/7 always bringing fresh air into my room so I never ever get the smell of it.. Worth a try if you live in a temperate climate like I do where its not really hot and its not very cold out anytime of the year.

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    theres the obvious one , Open Windows. Invest in a decent air freshener. Dispose of the Diapers quickly.

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    I often use Tommy Hilfiger shower gel. Just put 1 drop in your diaper crotch before you put it on. Whenever you pee, the shower gel will spread as well. This suppresses pee odors. Works well for me, so give it a try.

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