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Thread: side sleeping with disposables

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    Default side sleeping with disposables

    I've only recently started to have good luck (dry sheets) while sleeping on my side, and thought I'd share my ideas and maybe get some new ones.

    I'm just big enough to call a medium bambino too small, and have been using M4's since they are in between bambino medium and large. But for overnight, I've been using a bambino large with a totaldry booster. I'm placing the booster in the front so it ends where the padding in the diaper ends, so the other end of the booster is about in the middle of the crotch.

    For taping, I've been trying for a snug fit with the top tapes, just about where the padding in the diaper ends. For me, the blue pulls on the tapes are right about where the factory folds are. Then for the lowers, I've been taping in between "down" and "in", as a compromise, in as far as I can go at the bottom of the tape land. This causes the diaper to bulge out in the front and create a pocket in the front of the diaper where there's open space, but yet fits snugly around the legs AND around the tummy. This seems to really do a good job of not leaking.

    Pointing down is not really negotiable, it's required. But I've found that by morning I have saturated the booster from back to front, and often not even touched the diaper padding in the crotch. The big issue seems to be gravity pulling pee down the front wing of the diaper, and that seems to be the key for leaking or not leaking.

    SO... I was noticing that just about every brand of diaper is narrow in the front wings. Most diapers have wider wing coverage in the back, but for side sleeping guys, that's needed in the FRONT. I tried putting on a bambino backwards but it didn't fit well, I may try it again though. I've also tried placing a totaldry booster sideways across the front top of the diaper, wing to wing, and that seemed to help also, but seemed to need padding just below that where the crotch is transitioning to the wing. It seems that for side sleeping, the crotch and the back of the diaper are of no value, it's all in the front, specifically in the wings.


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    iv always wondered... how is "pointing down" comfortable when you sleep? most guys have erections during REM sleep, so... it seems like it'd just be painful

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    the erections really aren't too much of a problem. if it can't inflate, it doesn't. bigger problem is if the padding in the crotch area is thick it can compress the jewels a little if you run out of room down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    bigger problem is if the padding in the crotch area is thick it can compress the jewels a little if you run out of room down there.
    Glad it's not just me!!!

    As for the OP, I've noticed that too, I really can't think why they don't make a diaper that's got the wing padding - unless the market is dominated by back/front sleepers???

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    I'm prescribed Euron Form maximum absorbancy for night, and these still leak for me and I'm a very wriggly sleeper! My only advice would be to buy some disposable bed pads to drink up anything that your diaper doesnt.

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    i generally try to sleep on my back since if i happen to wet its less likely to leak. i have had the same problem with leaking out the sides with sleepin on the side and it sucks.

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    I've not had any luck wetting while side sleeping, no matter which diaper I use. I feel the urge to go and just roll onto my back,then roll back on my side. Abenas seem to do the best, but still leak if I'm on my side.

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    I've always wondered why not take the wing padding idea a step further and make a diaper/pullup shaped like a pair of short shorts with some padding in the legs.

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    You pretty much have three options if you want to sleep on your side, bed pads (good option regardless), good fitting cloth lined plastic pants, or cloth diapers. With a quality cloth diaper, you can wet on your side no problem (or whatever other position you want to wet in). Lined plastic pants are only good if they are large enough to extend well over the edges of the diaper, and stay in place while you sleep.
    I just use bed pads, the way I look at it, using a bed pad isnt much different then adding another layer to your diaper, one that absorbs while sleeping on your side (just make sure you get the good pads, and not the cheap, non absorbent ones)

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    I recommend Suprima 1305 plastic pants. These are soft, milky white and not too tight for the legs. These pants are higher than regular plastic pants, so if you wear a short over your diaper and then this plastic pant, I would give it a try. For me this works fine.

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